Illustration of person riding a motorbike

One of the main benefits of driving a motorbike is being able to experience the great outdoors first-hand. You’re in control of your own vehicle without a thick pane of glass and a car door blocking your view.

We’ve scoured the world to find the best motorbike hotspots and motorbike-friendly destinations to live in and visit so you can catch biking events and meet fellow bike enthusiasts.

Motorbike capitals of the UK

Some areas of the UK are more concentrated with motorcycles than others. According to the data, these are the top 10 motorbiking locations.

top motorbiking locations in the UK

The UK's top biker hotspots

One of the top benefits of riding a motorcycle comes from riding your two wheels to different hotspots across the UK.

If you’re completely bike-crazy, here are six of the UK’s top motorbike spots as picked out and vetted by Adventure Biker.

motorbiking hotspots in the UK

Best biker routes in the UK

Looking for more than just a biker hotspot? Try a full motorcycle route!

From 500 mile round trips of the Scottish coast to a simple hour ride– these are the best routes in the UK.

best biker routes in the UK

Best biker hotspots in the world

Looking to explore the world on two wheels?

Find out more by beginning your ride here.

worldwide hotspots for motorbiking

Best biker routes worldwide

Feeling a bit more adventurous? If you want a once-in-a-lifetime motorcycle route, these are ones many avid bikers dream of riding.

maps of different biker routes

Discover more about the best biking routes in Britain

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