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Adam Davies

19 emotions you felt learning to drive


From feeling left out while your mates pass their tests, to joyously ditching the L plates yourself, learning to drive is an emotional rollercoaster.

Scared learner driver

1. It starts with FOMO (That's 'Fear Of Missing Out'). All of your mates can drive but you can't. Why is life so unfair?:

2. So you decide to take the plunge but then it's like 'How much?':

3. But you work, you save, you spend all your money in Topshop, and finally you (or your folks) stump up for lessons:

4. The day of your first lesson arrives and you're as excited as a kid at Christmas:

5. Your driving debut goes well and soon every lesson feels like a treat:

(Perhaps too big a treat):

6. You become confident behind the wheel but you won't get carried away:

7. But then comes the doubt. Are you really that good? Should you REALLY be in control of a vehicle? At your age?:

Learn to drive - doubt

8. Your lessons begin to haunt you:

9. And you regret ever getting behind the wheel of a car:

10. Driving becomes a chore. You're in your prime, you don't want to waste your time on trivial things like parallel parking and three-point turns:

11. You start to doubt your commitment to the whole thing:

12. But first you've got to pass your theory test:

13. So with your confidence high you teach that test a thing or two about driving theory:

14. And you count the hours until you get behind that wheel to show the test instructor you're a competent driver:

15. And boldly dare to dream of what you'll do once you pass:

16. Naturally you ace your test, but you play it cool when telling people:

17. Now you can buy your first car - a brand new, top-of-the-range, sporty number:

18. And soon you're driving like a boss:

19. And you finally realise what driving is all about:

Learn to drive - headbang

Take our test to find out how your emotions can affect your driving.

different types of driving emotions


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