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Six travel insurance traps to avoid

Travel insurance policy
Travel insurance is a holiday essential provided you get the right sort of cover.   Read More…

When can the British Embassy help?

  •  08 Aug, 2013  
hand on globe
Nearly 50,000 Brits sought help from the Foreign Office last year when they ran into serious problems abroad.  Read More…

Travellers with health conditions warned

A couple of grey panthers on holiday

Travellers with pre-existing health issues are being urged to keep their insurer informed about their medical status, or risk voiding their cover.

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90% say smartphone favourite holiday companion

Man in sea on talking on mobile phone

Nine out of ten Brits say their smartphone is their favourite holiday companion, finds new research. But are your gadgets covered if they go walkabout?

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How the same travel cover can cost £60 more

A suitcase on the beach

Thousands of holidaymakers every year are persuaded to buy insurance by travel agents, holiday firms and airlines. But many end up paying over the odds. We take a closer look.

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Don’t cut corners on cover for your summer break

A family in the sea

With the summer holidays just around the corner, one job you can’t afford to ignore is organising your travel insurance, writes journalist Esther Shaw.

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Avoid these costly travel insurance traps

Cruise ship
Are you confident your travel insurance will pay out if the worst happens?  Read More…

Why Tuesday is best day to book holiday

  •  14 May, 2013  
Find out why and other tips for booking your next trip here.  Read More…

Samoan airline first to charge passengers by weight

Airport terminal sign

Samoa Air has become the first carrier to charge passengers by the pound. Writer Chris Torney looks at whether this policy could catch on in Europe.

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Seven travel booking traps to avoid

Passport on map - teaser
We take a look into misleading practices some holiday companies use to trick travellers.  Read More…

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