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What is long stay travel insurance?

Travelling for an extended period could prolong your risk of falling ill abroad or experiencing unfortunate travel mishaps. Taking out long stay travel insurance could help you avoid those holiday mishaps by protecting you from unexpected costs and disrupted plans.

What does long stay travel insurance cover?

  • Medical treatment and hospital costs could be covered if you injure yourself or fall ill abroad
  • Emergency transport and your journey home could be covered should you injure yourself during your travels
  • Cancellations cover could protect you should you cancel or cut your trip short in an emergency
  • Your important travel documents, cash and personal belongings could be covered if you accidentally lose them

Check out our guide if you're not sure how claiming on your travel insurance works.

Travel insurance tips

  • Don't base your choice purely on price; make sure that the policy you choose covers all your needs
  • Read the small print of your policy, including exclusions such as extreme sports and incidents arising from the use of alcohol or drugs
  • Declare any pre-existing conditions that you have, otherwise your cover might not be valid if you try to make a claim

If you have a travel related question, then why not take a look at one of our travel insurance guides to help you with your trip.

Why compare long stay travel insurance with Confused.com?

With so many companies offering different deals and with different levels of cover, it can be a headache to find a clear and easy way to compare them all. This is where we come in:
  • We tailor travel insurance quotes based on your needs so you could easily find the policy that best suits you
  • We compare travel insurance from up to 54 insurance companies including popular brands like Admiral and Annualtravelinsurance.com
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