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Travel insurance for Turkey

Turkey is a popular destination for British tourists. Travel insurance isn’t a legal requirement there, but it’s worth considering. The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) aren’t accepted in Turkey. So, having travel insurance means you’re protected against medical costs, as well as other unforeseen circumstances.

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Important information

All insurance products exclude cover for known events. These are global events that can put you in danger and/or disrupt travel. The Covid-19 pandemic is an example of this. This exclusion applies if the event was declared as a ‘known event’ when you bought your insurance.

If you travel against Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advice or fail to comply with your destination’s entry requirements, you won’t be covered by any travel insurance you buy.

The FCDO currently advises travellers not to travel within 10km of Turkey’s border with Syria. They also advise against travel to Sirnak and the Hakkari province*.

*Correct as of February 2024

Do I need travel insurance for Turkey?

No, travel insurance isn’t a legal requirement when you’re travelling to Turkey. But, it’s worth considering. This is because the GHIC or EHIC isn’t valid there. So, if you need medical treatment during your trip, you have to pay for it yourself.

Travel insurance also covers for other events, such as flight delays or cancellations or unforeseen circumstances that mean you have to cancel your trip.

Choosing the right policy for your trip

Turkey is normally covered by European travel insurance, despite most of the country being in Asia. It’s important to check policy details before buying insurance to make sure your trip is covered though.

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Single-trip travel insurance

If you're planning your annual summer holiday, or not planning on going abroad again within the year, this might suit you. It covers you for a single trip to 1 destination.

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Multi trip travel insurance

If you travel frequently each year, an annual policy might be a good option. This is normally cheaper than taking out individual policies every time you travel.

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Backpacker travel insurance

If you're planning to travel to multiple countries in a single trip, you might need a backpacker travel policy. These cover you for a single trip to multiple destinations over 18 months.

What our travel insurance expert says

“Most of Turkey is in Asia, with a small portion of the country in Europe. Despite this, most insurers include Turkey on their list of European countries. This means your trip might be covered by most European travel insurance policies. Don’t assume this is the case for all providers though - make sure you double check before buying insurance.

“If an insurer doesn’t class Turkey as part of Europe, you need worldwide travel insurance.”

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What does travel insurance for Turkey cover?


Most travel insurance policies cover:

  • Medical expenses and repatriation. If you need medical attention while you’re in Turkey, you might have to pay for it yourself. Travel insurance should cover these costs.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged luggage. Replacing clothes, toiletries or other belongings can be expensive. Travel insurance can cover the cost of replacing any personal possessions.
  • Flight cancellations. If your flight is cancelled, travel insurance covers the costs of arranging new flights. It can also cover additional accommodation costs if you need to stay in a hotel for an extra night.
  • Cancellation or curtailment. If your trip is cancelled or cut short, you should be able to claim back any costs through your insurance.

Most policies exclude cover for:

  • Extreme sports and activities. Travel insurance doesn’t usually cover activities like skiing. These generally require specialist insurance.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions. These have to be declared when you buy insurance. But, some might require a specialist policy.
  • Natural disasters, like forest fires, earthquakes and flooding are frequent in Turkey. Travel insurance generally excludes cover for events like these.
  • Travelling against FCDO advice, for example if you travel to a location the FCDO advises against. This includes any existing policies you have.
  • Incidents that occur under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Travel insurance doesn’t protect you if you’re injured or your personal possessions are damaged while you’re under the influence.

How much does travel insurance for Turkey cost?

The price you pay depends on your personal circumstances and the policy you choose.

For example, if you’re planning on doing any adventure sports while you’re away, you might need specialist activity travel insurance. This can increase the price you pay. Or, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you might find that insurers only offer you cover at a higher price.

Policy type Price
Single-trip travel insurance
Couples travel insurance

1Cheapest policy 1 week in Turkey, 30 year old with no medical conditions

2Cheapest policy for 1 week in Turkey, 30 year old couple with no medical conditions

3Cheapest policy for 1 week in Turkey, family of 4 with no medical conditions

Medical treatment in Turkey

The EHIC and GHIC aren’t valid in Turkey, which means medical treatment isn’t subsidised at all. So, you’re responsible for paying any medical bills. If you need medical treatment in Turkey, you should contact your insurer as soon as possible. They should cover some of the costs.

If you’re travelling abroad for medical, dental or surgical treatment, you should discuss your plans with your GP in the UK first. Standard travel insurance doesn’t normally cover elective procedures. It’s possible to find specialist cover, but it might be expensive.

Travel insurance for activities in Turkey

You should consider what you plan on doing during your trip when taking out insurance. Not all travel insurance policies cover all eventualities. But, additional cover can come at an additional cost.

  • Backpackers travel insurance: If you’re planning on visiting a number of different countries during your trip, a backpackers insurance policy might be best suited to you.
  • Cruise travel insurance: If Turkey is a stop during a cruise, a cruise travel insurance policy covers missed excursions or delayed or missed departures.
  • Activity travel insurance: This type of policy covers different activities, like hiking, that aren’t normally covered by standard insurance.

Do I need a visa for Turkey

No, you don’t need a visa if you’re travelling to Turkey for up to 90 days.

You do need a valid passport, with an available blank page for entry and exit stamps. Your passport must be valid for at least 150 days from the date you enter the country.

Travel tips for Turkey

  • Safety: The FCDO warns of a high risk of terrorism in Turkey*, especially against British nationals. You should remain aware of your surroundings at all times, but especially in crowded public spaces like events.
  • Money: The currency is the Turkish lira. Debit and credit cards are normally accepted in most tourist places. It’s worth carrying cash too, just in case. Remember to be aware of your belongings at all times and don’t leave valuables unattended.
  • Language: Turkish and Kurdish are the most widely spoken languages, but some people in tourist areas might speak English.
  • Clothing: If you’re planning on visiting any places of worship during your trip, it’s important to dress respectfully. This normally means dressing modestly.
  • ID: It’s a legal requirement to carry personal identification at all times. This should include a photograph, such as your passport. Make sure you keep it secure.
  • Driving in Turkey: To drive in Turkey, you need a green card and either a full UK driving licence (notarised in Turkish) or an international driving permit (IDP). The conditions of roads can vary, and might be poor in rural areas. You should always drive carefully and follow local rules.
  • Other information: It’s illegal to smoke in public places, including workplaces and transport.

*Correct as of February 2024

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