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Travellers fight for billions in flight delay compensation

Asleep at the airport

EU rules mean that delayed holidaymakers can now claim money from their airlines. But legal battles are being fought to decide when these rights apply.

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The world's 13 most miserable countries

Hand on a globe

Venezuela has been named the world's most miserable country in a new study. But which other nations make up the rest of the unlucky 13?

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Blog: Do you support an airline 'fat tax'?

overweight passenger
Should airlines charge passengers by weight? Chris Torney investigates.   Read More…

13 ways to void your travel insurance

A travel insurance policy with a globe
From getting drunk and starting a fight to turning up late to the airport, we look at 13 ways to ensure your travel policy is worth less than the paper it’s printed on.  Read More…

Seven ways Facebook has ruined holidays

Facebook thumbs down
Are you guilty of thinking in profile pictures, over-sharing holiday snaps and being utterly jealous of the faraway shores on your news feed?  Read More…

Are school term-time holiday fines fair?

Family running on the sand at the beach
Parents could be fined hundreds of pounds for taking their kids out of school for a family holiday. But given the cost of peak-season breaks, is this fair?  Read More…

How to win your flight delay compensation battle

People waiting at airport
New European rules mean you can claim as much as £500 if your flight is delayed or cancelled. But you may face a fight to get the money you are entitled to.  Read More…

Top 10 travel destinations for 2014

New York
With the United States set to be the most popular destination among holidaying Brits in 2014, we take a look at the coming year’s travel hot-spots.  Read More…

Top five winter sports destinations

Ski holiday
News research from has identified the countries set to be most popular with Brits looking for some winter sports action this ski season.  Read More…

When to book to bag a cruise bargain

Cruise liner

When it comes to bagging a cruise bargain, it pays to book well in advance or as last-minute as possible. We explain why.

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