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Should I attend a wedding abroad?

Weddings abroad
Our handy flowchart will help you decide.  Read More…

Tipping etiquette around the world

We’re here to help you navigate this minefield of money and manners.  Read More…

How travel insurance can help protect against snow

Ski resort in winter
Off to the slopes, but blighted by too much snow? Or too little? Find out how travel insurance can help you out.  Read More…

Holidaying in Greece? What you need to know

What you need to know about how the Greece debt crisis could affect your holiday.  Read More…

How to cheat currency calculations

Currency calculations
Read our handy cheats for making quick calculations abroad.  Read More…

Quiz: Which currency are you?

Fifty pound notes
Indian rupee? Mexican peso? Thai baht? Take the quiz to find out.  Read More…

This is why it always rains at Glastonbury Festival

Tents in rain - teaser
No, the universe isn't punishing you for liking Kanye.  Read More…

The 13 best festival performances ever

Best festivals
We rank the best ever festival performances.  Read More…

Which festival are you?

Festival crowd
Not sure which festival to go to this summer? Why not take our festival personality quiz.  Read More…

19 festival goers who probably wished they'd stayed at home

Tents in the rain at a festival
Festivals aren't always the blast we expect, as these music-lovers discovered.  Read More…

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