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Holidaymakers 'cut back on costs'

Travel goodiesTaking a packed lunch and staying in a tent rather than a hotel are just some of the ways people will be cutting down on the cost of their holiday this year, a survey has revealed. 

A quarter of 2,000 "Middle Britons" polled by information services company Experian said they would be taking a packed lunch rather than eating at cafes or restaurants on days out. 

Meanwhile 12 per cent said they would be camping rather than staying in a hotel and 29 per cent said they wouldn't be bringing back gifts for friends and family. 

The "Middle Britons" group was made up of three types - those with "suburban mindsets", career people with children and new homemakers. 

Experian said there would be "Tupperware tourists, memento misers and tented travellers" this year. 

Its poll found 28 per cent of Middle Britain intended to forego a holiday this year due to financial pressures, with 38 per cent of those in south-east England not planning a summer break. 

Of those nationwide intending to have a holiday, 28 per cent are planning a UK trip, which will reduce their travel insurance bill too. 

Those going abroad plan to spend just under £1,250 on average on flights and accommodation, almost £900 less than last year. 

Spain and France are the top two overseas destinations this year for Middle Britons, but as many as 45 per cent are planning a British beach break, with Devon, Brighton and Blackpool the top spots. 

According to Experian, Middle Britain represents around 13.1 million people with the term being based on various measures including income, age, car ownership, type of house, number of holidays, attitudes and behaviours.