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that standard policies don't

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What is buy to let insurance?

  • Also known as landlord insurance, it typically includes buildings insurance to protect your bricks and mortar and contents cover if you're renting out a furnished property

  • Policies could also include cover for compensation claims, home emergencies, loss of rent, accidental damage and legal expenses

  • You can normally insure a portfolio of properties under a single policy

Why compare buy to let insurance with

Buy to let insurance isn't a legal requirement but standard buildings and contents policies may not provide sufficient coverage, so your insurer could refuse to pay out if you don't have it.

Policies tend to cover the most common risks associated with renting out a property, but they do differ in their coverage so it's important to check the small print.

Buy to let insurance policies are normally available with optional extras that could:

  • Cover the cost of repairs for emergencies like burst pipes, gas leaks and pest infestations

  • Provide legal protection for any disputes that may arise with your tenants like the recovery of outstanding rent

  • Compensate you for loss of rent so you can still meet your mortgage repayments if an accident renders your property non-rentable

Why get buy to let insurance?

With buy to let insurance you could protect yourself against many of the risks associated with renting out your property.

A study by Northwood UK estimated that:

  • Tenant arrears, empty properties and household maintenance costs private rental landlords £2.1 billion a year

  • The average private rental landlord forks out more than £1,500 a year in unforeseen costs

  • Unexpected costs lead to landlords earning 84% less than they'd budgeted for

As a landlord it's important to know your duties towards your tenants. Carrying out heating repairs and gas and safety checks, for example, are jobs that you're responsible for.

If you need more information about buy to let insurance our guide should help.

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Cover the risks that standard policies don't. Landlord Insurance is provided by YOUR Insurance of Downsview House 141-145 Station Road East Oxted Surrey RH8 0QE. YOUR Insurance is a trading name of Towergate Underwriting Group Limited, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (No. 313250).