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Comebacks and one-liners to silence back-seat drivers

Man with tape over mouthSick of being on the receiving end of annoying remarks from back seat-drivers? Well, we enlisted the help of a comic to supply you with some witty one-liners that are bound to silence that irritating back-seat driver.

Ever had to deal with sarcastic comments like "You just got overtaken by that mobility scooter" and "Don't worry, I'll walk to the kerb from here"?

Well that could be a thing of the past with our top witty comebacks for dealing with pernickety passengers.

Lines to shut that back-seat driver up:

  • I’ve just been thinking through all the advice you've given. Mostly about how I couldn't really care either way!
  • How do you like back-seat walking? 
  • Ever had to sleep on the hard shoulder?
  • Do they not sell mouth clamps at the I'm-always-right shop?
  • Your driving advice is about as much use as a chocolate teapot. 
  • What rhymes with "next time you're getting the train" and means "next time you're getting the train"?
  • I once drove a lorry full of baboons from Edinburgh to Plymouth and it was 42 times better than having you in my car.

We've condensed the etiquette rules for back-seat drivers in to a handy printable .pdf that you can hang in your car for all your passengers to see. Download it here.

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