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Volvo is Sweden’s most famous car manufacturer and is known for making some of the safest cars on the road.

Now a long way removed from their old boxy designs, Volvos are at the forefront of bold new styling and cutting edge technology and safety features, including an alarm system that can detect the heartbeat of a thief inside the cabin and alert you via the key fob.

Volvo also introduced childproof locks, crumple zones, collision warnings, driver alert control and pedestrian detection with autobrake.

Volvo C30

The Volvo C30 is a sporty looking hatchback coupe, specially targeted at younger or first time car buyers. Volvo may have developed the C30 in order to help remove their image as a car for older, careful, more serious and as some would say it, boring, drivers.

The C30 was discontinued in July 2013, so it may be hard to get one brand new. However, even when buying as a second hand C30, you know you are getting safety, exclusive styling and responsive engines creating a sporty yet refined performance hatchback.

Although the C30 is on the more luxurious end of the scale, it doesn't come with a high tax cost. Depending on the model and engine size, your car could fall into the lower tax bracket range which could help to reduce your running costs.

To give you an idea, a cheaper model could be the Volvo SE 1.6 with the more expensive to run being the SE Sport 2.4 and the SE Lux 2.4.

Volvo C30 Engine Size
Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
ES 1.6-2.0 16-22 A-H
ES Drive 1.6 17-19 A-C
S 1.6-2.4 14-25 A-H
SE Sport 1.6-2.4 19-32  H-I
R Design 1.6-2.0 15-34 C-K
SE 1.6-2.4 15-32 A-G
SE-Lux 1.4-2.4 17-32 A-I

Volvo C70

The Volvo C70 is a coupe convertible which is now in its 3rd generation. The most recent of these models is a 2 door which has been made to take on the likes of Audi, BMW and Lexus, and has been marketed as a luxury retractable hardtop convertible.

Unlike some convertibles, this car has 4 seats meaning that you can share your experience with your friends and family as well as having plenty of room in the boot for luggage or golf bags.

Volvo C70 Engine Size
Typical insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
Standard 2.0-2.5 31-35 K
GT 2.0-2.4 33-37 K
Collection 2.0-2.4 31-37 K
S 2.4 30 G-L
Sport 2.0-2.5 28-34 G-L
Sport Premium 2.0-2.5 28-34 G-L
SE Premium 2.0-2.4 28-32 G-L
SE Lux 2.0-2.4 28-38 G-L
SE Lux Premium 2.0-2.4 28-35 G-L
SE 2.0-2.4 28-34 G-L

Volvo S40

The S40 is a small executive family car which has been popular since it was first produced in the mid-1990s. Now in its second generation, the S40 has had critical acclaim for its understated and stylish good looks whilst still keeping its prominent Scandinavian influence.

In regards to the S40's reliability status, Reliability Index scored it with an 'average'. In comparison to the S40's competitors, it is still cheaper than the BMW 3 Series who scored a 'poor'.

The score is calculated by taking the average repair cost and the amount of time the car is off the road due to repairs taking place, as well as the average mileage and age of the model.

Volvo S40
Engine Size
Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
ES 1.6-2.0 15-24 A-I
S 1.6-2.4 17-32 B-K
Sport 1.8-2.5 21-34 F-L
SE 1.6-2.5 17-34 A-L
R Design 1.6-2.0 17-34 C-K
CD 1.8-2.0 21-34 H-L
XS 1.6-2.0 21-34 F-K
Classic 1.6-2.0 17-25 F-K

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Volvo believe that the S60 is the most dynamic model they have produced. It was built to rival the Mercedes-Benz C class and the BMW 3 Series and it is nice to see that the traditions of safety and comfort haven't been compromised for the sake of speed.

The S60 provides reliability, class, comfort and space as well as a range of safety features, both standard and optional - the perfect family car.

Critics have also been impressed with how it runs economically. Its fuel efficient and eco-friendly S60 DRIVe is expected to do up to 972 miles on one tank of fuel!

Volvo S60
Engine Size
Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
Standard 2.5 44 K-M
Sport 2.0-2.5 35-42 H-L
S 2.0-2.5 33-41 H-L
SE 1.6-3.0 18-42 B-L
ES 1.6-2.5 19-31 C-H
R Design 1.6-3.0 18-39 B-L
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Volvo S80

The S80 has been designed to portray a vision of 'sophisticated elegance'. With its unique Scandinavian design, featuring materials such as leather and wood, and its smooth ride, the S80 is a real luxury.

Designed to take on the Mercedes-Benz S class and Audi A8, the Volvo is much better value for money with many of the perks that come with its competitors. The S80's eco-friendly version, the DRIVe, apparently can do 725 miles on one tank!

Volvo S80
Engine Size
Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
SE 1.6-3.2 18-40 C-M
Executive 2.4-3.2 28-41 E-M
ES 1.6-2.5 20-32 C-M
S 2.4-2.9 27-32 H-K
SE Lux 1.6-3.2 19-41 B-M

Volvo V50

Based on the S40, the V50 is Volvo's entry level compact estate. There is no denying that Volvo aim to create exceptional estates, however, some may argue that their designs were beginning to look a bit aged.

Have a look at the typical insurance group, engine size and tax bracket range for your Volvo V50 below. Low emission DRIVe versions are also available with lower running costs, cheaper road tax and impressive fuel economy - up to 850 miles on one tank.

Volvo V50 Engine Size
Insurance Group Range* Tax Bracket Range
ES 1.6-2.0 16-24 A-I 
S 1.6-2.4 17-26 B-K
Sport 1.8-2.5 21-28 G-L
SE Sport 1.8-2.5 21-34 G-L
SE 1.6-2.5 17-34 A-L
SE-Lux 1.6-2.5 18-34 A-L
R Design 1.8-2.5 21-34 C-L

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The Volvo V60 is essentially a modified estate version of the S60 but with a sporty twist and has been designed with practicality and flexibility in mind.

The Volvo V60 shares many of its characteristics with the S80, but the dramatically styled V60 can be more expensive to purchase when new. It's also been aimed at younger buyers in an attempt to rid Volvo of its older and more sensible image.

If you are a new Volvo V60 buyer and are looking at keeping your running costs down, the Business 1.6 model could suit you nicely with its lower insurance group and tax bracket range.  

Volvo V60 Engine Size
Typical insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
Business 1.6-2.0 16-25 B-H
SE 1.6-3.0 17-32 B-L
SE Lux 1.6-2.0 21-44 B-L
R Design 1.6-2.5 18-39 B-L
R Design Lux 1.6-3.0 18-37 B-L
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Read our review Volvo V70

The V70, now in its third generation, is a mid-sized estate car and has been designed with sports fans and families in mind.

Like most of the Volvo models, the V70's range of engine sizes means that your car could fall into a variety of different insurance groups, ranging from the relatively low (such as the 1.6l SE) to the high (like the 3.0l R Design).

Volvo V70
Engine Size
Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
Standard 2.0-2.5 23-40 K-M
SE 1.6-3.2 17-42 C-M
S 2.0-2.5 27-40 I-L
Sport 2.0-2.5 34-42 H-L
ES 1.6-2.5 16-34 C-H
R Design 2.0-3.0 17-41 C-M
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Read our review Volvo XC60

The XC60 was released in 2008 and was a real breakthrough for Volvo. For a manufacturer who were meant to be at the forefront of innovation, why were their vehicles still boxy and sometimes dull? The XC60 changed everything.

It is Volvo's best-selling, best to drive and arguably their best looking car whilst still remaining heavily safety conscious.

Have a look at the table below to get an idea on where your XC60 model could fall with regards to its running costs. Typically, the smaller the engine, the lower the insurance premium, but many other factors could also contribute towards your final premium.

Volvo XC60
Engine Size
Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
S 2.4-2.5 26-29 G-K
ES 2.0-2.5 28-30 F-I
R Design 2.4-3.0 28-35 E-M
R Design Lux 2.4-3.0 26-37 E-L
SE 2.0-3.0 25-33 E-L
SE Lux 2.0-3.0 26-36 E-M
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Volvo XC70

The XC70 is Volvo's mid-range cross country 'whatever the terrain' car, sitting between the XC60 and XC90. Based on the Volvo V70 estate, the XC70 has been designed to take on any driving situation and is considered to be very capable off road by its critics.

Due to the power and engine sizes of the XC70, it may fall into the higher range of insurance groups and tax brackets. However, the price tag is a lot friendlier than some other 4x4's on the road.

Volvo XC70
Engine Size
Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
SE 2.0-3.2 27-40 E-M
S 2.4-2.5 34-40 K
SE Lux 2.4-3.2 28-39 E-M
SE Sport 2.4-3.2 23-40 J-M
ES 2.0-2.5 29-34 F-J
Ocean Race 2.5-3.2 30-32 F-M

Read our review Volvo XC90

The Volvo XC90 is predominantly a family car and was designed with families in mind. It's spacious, safe, has 7 seats, clever storage compartments and gives you options to upgrade your entertainment system.

In competition with the BMW X5 and Mercedes ML, the XC90 is a genuine 7-seater and unlike its competitors, it's very well priced.

One disadvantage could be the fact that it is relatively expensive to run as it falls into a high tax bracket range and insurance groups (as seen in the table below), but this is the usual trade off for a larger car with a bigger, more powerful engine.

Volvo XC90
Engine Size
Typical Insurance Group* Tax Bracket Range
ES 2.4-2.5 41 K
R Design 2.4-4.4 40-44 K-M
S 2.4-2.9 35-43 K-M
Active 2.4 40-41 K-M
SE 2.4-4.4 35-44 K-M
Executive 2.4-4.4 40.44 K-M

*All information sourced from the Volvo website and

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Volvo: did you know?

  • Established: 14th April, 1927
  • Founders: SKF, Assar Gabrielsson & Gustav Larson
  • Based: Gothenburg, Sweden

As well as cars Volvo also makes heavy goods vehicles.

Volvo’s main factory is in Torslanda, Sweden, and employs more than 19,000 staff. After being bought out by Ford in 1999, Volvo is now owned by Chinese car manufacturer Zhejiang Geely holding group. The acquisition by Geely of Volvo happened in October 2009.

Volvo takes safety very seriously and is one of the few car manufacturers that have an accident research team. It has studied over 40,000 accidents involving a Volvo since 1970. QuickQuote Logo

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