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BMW's range of cars fall into a variety of categories, including executive saloon, 4x4 and high performance sports, and insurers will rate on each car differently.

Other factors that will contribute to your insurance quote include the car’s age, engine size, security and safety features and replacement parts cost. These factors will also contribute to a car’s insurance grouping range, which can be used as a good indicator of potential premium prices.

  • The Association of British insurers allocate vehicle rating groups based on the above factors, and many more - our guide has more information on rating group allocation
  • Groups are numbered 1-50, with the lower numbers generally being cheaper to insure, and the higher, generally more expensive
  • To help you get an idea of how your quote is calculated, in the tables below, you can find a list of models, and their potential insurance groups*. We've also included the road tax categories that these models can fall into - though all will depend on the particular specifications of your vehicle

BMW group ratings

Insurers will also rate on a huge range of factors based around you, including your age, address, driving habits and history. This means that people in similar cars can sometimes have very different premiums.

The engine sizes and groups listed in the tables below are intended to give you an idea of the potential costs of premiums for the different models available, but you should remember that it only takes a few minutes for to compare a large panel of providers and get our best prices direct to you.

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Read our review BMW 1-Series

From the 1.6 hatchback to the 3 litre M Coupé, the 1-Series can appeal both to young drivers looking for cheap quotes, or executives looking for a sporty convertible. The range makes it suitable for a wide customer base, which has contributed to its success.

Specification Engine Capacity  Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Convertible (08-on) 2.0-3.0 24-38 D-K
Coupe (07 on) 2.0-3.0 22-36 C-K
Hatchback (04-11)  1.6-3.0 17-34 C-L
Hatchback (11 on)  1.6-3.0 12-39 A-G
M Coupe  3.0 42 K
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Read our review BMW 3-Series

With more than 30 years in production, there are a huge range of 3-Series variations available, which can make it difficult to categorise in insurance terms.

You could find the 3 Series in groups as high as 46, and tax bands up to K, meaning year-on-year running costs for your 3-Series can quickly add up.

Specification Engine Size  Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Saloon 1.6-3.0 20-46 B-J
Touring  1.6-3.0 20-46 C-J
Convertible  2.0-3.0 30-46 E-L
Coupe  2.0-3.0 24-46 D-K
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Read our review BMW 5-Series

The 5-series has been in production for over 4 decades, and has seen a huge variety of styles, engines, trims and options come and go from the range, many of which will contribute to its insurance premium. With cars that can vary so much in these areas, the best way to anticipate premium costs will often be to run a quote.

Specification Engine Options  Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Saloon (10 on) 518-550 31-46 C-L
Touring (10 on)  518-550 30-46 D-L
Gt (09 on)  520-550 33-47 E-M
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BMW 6-Series

Available as a convertible or a coupé, the 6 Series comes with large powerful engines, and even the standard models have some of the best and most stylish additional extras, adding to its appeal, practicality and value. These also put the 6 Series in typically high insurance groups.

Specification Engine Options Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Convertible (04-on) 630-650 48-50 J-M
Convertible (11 on) 640-650 49-50 F-K
Coupe (04-10) 630-650 45-49 I-M
Coupe (11 on) 640-650 47-50 F-L
Gran Coupe (12 on) 640-650 48-50 F-K
M6, all models (05-10) 5.0 50 L-M

BMW 7-Series

Available as a Saloon or extended limousine, these stylish and comfortable cars are among some of the most powerful and luxurious in the BMW range. This puts the 7-Series at the upper end of the tax and premium scales, available in tax bands G – M, and typically in groups 43 – 50.

Specification Engine Size  Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
7- Series (94-02) 728i 45-50 K
7-Series (02-08) 730d-760Li 43-49 K-M
7-Series (08-on) 730d-760Li 45-50 G-M

Read our review BMW X1

The X1 is a compact luxury crossover SUV first produced in 2009. The 5-door SUV designed by Richard Kim is available across Europe, Canada and the USA, aiming to provide customers with desirable reliability, style and performance.

Specification Engine Size Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Efficient Dynamics 2.0 24 C
SE  2.0 18-27 D-I
Sport  2.0 18-27 D-I
 xLine 2.0 18-27 D-I
E.D. Business  2.0 24 C
M Sport 2.0 22-28 D-I
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Read our review BMW X3

As a crossover, the X3 features the space and practicality of a 4x4, while maintaining the style and performance of a BMW. Smaller than other cars in the X range, the X3 still falls into a relatively broad range of groups and tax bands, which you can see below.

Specification Engine Size Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
X3 (04-10) 2.0-3.5 27-42 G-M
X3 (11-on)  2.0-3.0 23-40 E-G
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Crammed full of technology including BMW’s iDrive system, the X5 can come with a lane departure warning system, active cruise control, a heads-up display and even an SOS call system.

While these features may have contributed to lowering premiums, the X5 still finds itself in relatively high groups, generally 40-50.  

Specification Engine Size Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Standard trim 3.0-4.8 40-50 K-M
SE 3.0-4.4 40-50 J-M
Sport 3.0-4.4 40-47 K
SE Exclusive 3.0-4.4 44-47 L-M
Sport Exclusive 3.0-4.4 44-47 L-M
S 4.6 49 K
Exclusive Edition 4.8 50 M
Carbon Black 4.6 49
X5M 3.0-4.8 40-50 J-M


Based on an X5 chassis with a coupé body on top, the X6 is unique in its styling and appearance, which has helped make it such a success. However, it bears many similarities to other X series models, including rather high groupings and tax bands. 

Specification Engine Size Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Standard Trim 3.0-5.0 43-50 J-M
[Dynamic]  3.0 43-50 J-M
M Performance  4.4 50 K
X6M  4.4 50 M


As a sports car from one of the most renowned manufacturers in the world of quality luxury cars, you’ll find the Z4 in groups 34 – 50, and fairly high tax bands too. Economy driving was not the focus during its design.

Specification style="text-align: center;">Engine Size Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Standard trim 1.8-3.2 34-46 G-M
 SE 2.0-3.0 37-45 I-K
Sport 2.0-3.0 37-45 I-K
S Drive 2.0-3.0 40-43 J-K
M Sport 1.8-3.0 35-42 G-k
Highline Edition 2.0 38 J
M Sport Highline 2.0-3.0 39-41 J

*All information sourced from

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