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Toyota are one of the world's major manufacturers, and a pioneer in hybrid technology, they have models to suit almost anyone for any needs. 

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How much does a Toyota cost to insure?

How much Toyota car insurance costs depends on the exact Toyota you have.

Like most major car manufacturers, Toyota produces cars to suit individual needs. For those who clock up a lot of motorway miles, the Toyota Corolla, Camry or Prius might fit the bill.

If you live in the heart of a city, small cars like the Toyota Aygo or the Yaris might be a better fit. Small cars usually have the lowest car tax, the best fuel economy and are easier to manoeuvre and park in narrow city streets.

If you're more interested in a car that's quick off the mark, the sporty Toyota Supra might be for you. If you prefer a car that can handle rough terrain, then the 4-wheel drive Toyota RAV4 or Land Cruiser could be more suitable.

We all have different needs as drivers. But whichever car suits you best, you have to factor in the cost of your Toyota car insurance policy. The price you pay for Toyota insurance differs depending on the engine size and specifications of each model.

For instance, insurance on the speedy Supra SZ would cost you in the region of £2,005*. In contrast, Toyota car insurance for the Yaris Y20-I could be more affordable at £450*.

All cars are put into 1 of 50 insurance groups. The higher the group, the more expensive your insurance costs could be.

The specification of your Toyota is one of several factors that insurance companies look at when working out your policy costs. They also look at:

  • Your address
  • Where your car is parked overnight
  • Your age and driving history
  • Your occupation
  • Whether you use your car for commuting or business purposes

*These prices are an average based on the model, and all our customer quotes from 5 June to 5 December 2022. This includes different locations, driving background and other factors. Your own quote could be cheaper or more expensive depending on your personal circumstances.

History and facts about Toyota

Toyota's surprising origins lie in the Japanese weaving industry of the early 20th Century. Sakichi Toyoda invented the world's first automatic loom and then set up the Toyoda Spinning and Weaving Company in 1918.

The loom impressed a British firm, the Platt Brothers, who in 1929 bought the production and sales rights.

While innovation was clearly in the Toyoda blood, the money raised wasn't put to use in the weaving industry. Instead, Sakichi gave the proceeds from the sale to his son, Kiichiro, to develop automotive technology at Toyoda.

It proved a wise decision and in 1936 the company produced its first passenger car, the Model AA. A year later the ‘d’ was changed to a ‘t’ and the Toyota Motor Company was born.

Toyota’s first production of cars outside of Japan began in 1959 in Brazil, but now the group produces Toyota and Lexus vehicles around the world.

In designs of early Toyota models, it's easy to see how the company was able to produce vehicles that closely resembled hugely popular cars in the western market. For instance, the Toyopet Model SD (Morris Minor) and the Toyota Crown Eight (the Ford Cortina).

Toyota teams have participated in Japanese races, endurance rallies and prestigious international races such as:

  • The Formula NIPPON
  • The World Rally Championship
  • The 24-hours Le Mans
  • CART
  • Indy Car Series
  • Formula One

In 2002, Toyota entered the Formula One World Championship for the first time, achieving a creditable sixth place in the opening Australian Grand Prix.

Toyota has been one of the pioneers of hybrid technology. The company began working on hybrid cars back in 1997 and there are now over 15 million drivers worldwide benefiting from Toyota’s innovation.

In 2015 Toyota created the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050. This initiative across 6 key areas deals with achieving net zero carbon emissions and creating a sustainable process for future generations.

Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris was the successor to the Starlet supermini, which was Toyota’s most popular small car. The more modern Yaris made its debut at the 1998 Paris Motor Show and was launched in the European market a year later.

The Yaris was an ideal small car for urban driving and parking. But Toyota saw the potential to make it ‘sportier’ and appeal to those looking for a ‘hot hatch’ model. So in 2001 Toyota unveiled the Yaris T Sport hatchback. It certainly caught the eye, being quicker from 0-60 mph than many 1.6-litre hot hatches. It was also faster in the 40-60mph mid-range than any comparable car in its class.

Toyota continues to produce sporty versions of the Yaris to this day. One of the latest is the GR Yaris, with its all-wheel drive system and 3-cylinder 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine. There's a lot of power under the bonnet of what remains a small and lightweight chassis.

If you want a car like the GR Yaris that's quick off the blocks, you're likely to pay more in for your car insurance policy. These sporty trims tend to push up the car's value and risk of theft. Their extra power also means it could make for a more expensive car insurance claim after an accident.

But a Toyota Yaris insurance is likely to be pretty affordable. The average insurance cost for the GR Yaris is £539*. Insurance groups for the Toyota Yaris range between 13-14 out of 50.

Toyota Corolla

The first-generation Toyota Corolla was produced in 1966, and in 2019 Toyota launched the 12th generation Corolla.

The Corolla name was reinstated with Toyota offering drivers 3 model types:

  • Hatchback
  • Touring sports
  • Saloon

Toyota Corolla car insurance costs can vary widely depending on the model you buy.

The average price on the Corolla Hybrid Excel VVT-I comes in at £453*, but more powerful and higher specification models are likely to cost more.

Toyota Corolla insurance groups typically range from 15-21.

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius’s claim to fame is that it was the world’s first mass-produced petrol-electric hybrid vehicle. Launched in 1997, the Prius had massive appeal as a practical, low-emission family car. For a while, the name Prius became synonymous with hybrid driving.

Over the years, Toyota has improved both performance and efficiency in its generational upgrades. The fourth-generation Toyota Prius made its world debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, and the first customer deliveries for the European market started in March 2016.

Prius car insurance costs vary depending on the specific model you choose, and insurance groups range from 13 to 21. As an example, the Prius Business Edition HSD 122 has an average insurance cost of £853*.

You can also buy a Toyota Prius as a plug-in hybrid model, allowing for greater flexibility when you're on the go. Average insurance prices for the Prius Business Edition PHEV are £607*.

Toyota RAV4

On its launch in 1994, the Toyota RAV4 laid down a marker in the compact SUV segment. The model bridged a gap between traditional off-road and regular passenger vehicles.

The fifth generation RAV4 was launched in Europe in 2019 and was presented for the first time in this market as an all-hybrid model.

Total sales figures for the Toyota RAV4 passed 10 million at the end of February 2020. This was over a 26-year period and 5 model generations.

Your car insurance costs for a Toyota RAV4 depend on the specific model you choose. Insurance groups for the RAV lean slightly higher, in the 25-30 range. As an example, the average price for the RAV4 Hybrid Excel TSS 4WD is £506*.

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