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Last reviewed 31 May 2022.

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  • Completely dedicated to travel insurance
  • Flexible approach, with three main levels of cover to choose from to choose from
  • Golf, business and weddings cover included as standard with Platinum

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Who is travel insurance?

Established in 2007, is an online travel insurance provider. They aim to make the travel insurance buying experience as quick and easy as possible.

You can readily contact by phone or email. Customer service is this travel insurer’s number one priority. offers three levels of cover on its single trip and annual travel insurance products, while also providing backpacker travel insurance. is a trading name of Essex -based Ancile Insurance Group. This company also offers travel insurance under the,, OUL, Sun Selection and School Trip Cover brands. travel insurance is underwritten by Gibraltar-registered Red Sands Insurance. travel insurance policy details offers annual and single trip travel insurance with three levels of cover:

Silver is the entry-level travel insurance offering.

Gold is the mid-level product.

Platinum gives you the provider’s highest level of travel insurance cover.

With annual and single trip travel insurance policies, you'll get:

Medical expenses cover. Platinum gives you unlimited emergency medical expenses and repatriation cover. With Silver or Gold cover levels, the cover limit is £10 million.

All annual and single trip travel insurance policies offer up to £350 of cover for emergency dental treatment.

Cancellation cover is offered if you’re forced to cancel or cut short/abandon your holiday. There’s up to £7,500 of cover with Platinum, £3,000 with Gold and £1,000 with Silver.

Missed departure/travel delay cover means you can claim up to £1,000 for missed departure with Platinum, £500 with Gold or £250 with Silver.

You can also claim for travel delays. You can get £50 per each full 12 hours of travel delay with Platinum, up to a maximum of £1,000. With Gold, it’s £15 for each full 12 hours, up to £1,000. Silver lets you claim £10 per each full 12 hours of travel delay, to a £100 limit.

Personal Accident cover can provide a lump sum pay-out in the event of disability or death due to an accident. The Platinum policy offers £25,000 for loss of limb/sight, permanent disablement or death.

Gold and Silver can also pay out £25,000 for loss of limb/sight, permanent disablement or death. Gold should provide £10,000 on death while the benefit level is £5,000 on death for Silver cover.

Hospital benefit can be claimed if you have to stay in hospital during your holiday. You can claim up to £1,500 in hospital benefit with Platinum cover. You can also get hospital benefit with Gold, offering a maximum of £1,000.

Personal possessions cover insures your belongings for accidental damage, loss and theft.

Platinum provides up to £4,000 of cover for personal possessions and baggage. You can get a maximum cover level of £1,500 and £1,000 with Gold and Silver respectively,

Up to £500 of cover for your laptop is offered with travel insurance policies. If your baggage is delayed, you can claim up to £500 with Platinum and £100 with Gold or Silver.

Personal money covers the theft of cash or travellers cheques. You get up to £750, £500 and £150 with the Platinum, Gold and Silver travel insurance products respectively.

Passport and travel documents. Platinum gives you a maximum of £250 of cover for the loss of your passport and travel documents. It’s £200 with Gold or Silver.

Personal Liability is offered with all annual multi-trip and single trip travel insurance policies. Up to £2 million of cover is available should someone make a legal claim against you and you’re found to be liable.

This includes cover for injury to another person or damage to their property that you have caused.

Legal costs and expenses provides £25,000 of cover for legal expenses, regardless of which cover level you choose.

Kennel and cattery expenses. Platinum and Gold policies offer up to £200 for additional kennel or cattery fees if you’re hospitalised due to an accident or illness that is covered under your policy.

COVID-19 travel insurance gives you:

  • Cover for cancellation if you get COVID-19 within 14 days of departure.
  • Cover for emergency medical treatment & repatriation if you fall ill with COVID-19 while abroad.
  • Cover for additional accommodation and transport costs if you’re unable to return home due to being told to self-isolate overseas. travel insurance optional extras

There are various optional extras available with travel insurance. Although, if you choose Platinum, you get the business, wedding and golf cover already included as standard. Here are some extras you could consider:

Gadget cover for up to £1,000. gadget insurance can cover things like tablet computers and mobile phones against theft, damage or loss while you're on a trip.

Golf travel insurance is included with Platinum, but you can add it to the Gold or Silver travel insurance products. It includes cover for:

  • Golf equipment
  • Golf equipment hire
  • Non-refundable golfing fees

Ski insurance

  • Insures your equipment against loss, damage or theft
  • Cover for the equipment your hire
  • Ski pack cover
  • Includes cover for prepaid ski lessons and lift passes that are unused due to you becoming ill or having an accident and being unable to ski
  • Piste closure
  • Avalanche cover

Cruise insurance

  • Cabin confinement cover
  • Missed port departure
  • Itinerary change
  • Unused excursion
  • Cruise interruption

Weddings cover is included with Platinum but can be purchased as an add-on if you take out a Gold or Silver travel insurance policy. It can cover you for loss, theft or damage to wedding attire, rings, gifts and photographs/video.

Business cover is included with Platinum but can be added to Gold and Silver at an extra cost. business travel insurance covers:

  • Business equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • Samples
  • Delayed equipment
  • Emergency courier of essential equipment
  • Business equipment hire
  • Business money travel insurance contact details

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