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Last reviewed 5 May 2022.

Why choose Direct Travel Insurance?

  • Policies cover all pre-existing medical conditions, most of which can be provided using the broker’s quick online screening service
  • Get access to a 24/7 UK-based assistance and claims line
  • Many sports and activities are protected as standard under Direct Travel Insurance policies

Who is Direct Travel Insurance?

Along with such policy providers as Fit4Travel, Allsafe Travel Insurance and, Direct Travel Insurance is part of Brokersure, a specialist in the travel insurance sector.

The company was formed over 28 years ago, and is based in Feering, near Braintree, in Essex. It provides cover for more than 300,000 people each year and offers a range of policy extras including UK and day-break insurance and backpacker cover. Thanks to its robust online presence, the company is adept at operating with a staff of around just 25.

Direct Travel Insurance policy details

Direct Travel Insurance offers both single trip and annual travel cover for individuals or for family groups. Both give up to £10 million for medical and healthcare treatment, as well as round-the-clock emergency medical assistance. Up to £3,000 is also provided to cover lost or stolen personal possessions and baggage.

The two main types include a wide range of benefits. Although the extent of cover depends on which level of protection is selected:

  • Budget cover (65 years or under)
  • Standard cover (70 years or under)
  • Premier cover (75 years or under)
  • Premier plus cover (75 years or under)

Key features of Direct Travel Insurance policies include:

  • Medical and healthcare cover
  • Coronavirus cover
  • Return travel and funeral expenses
  • Trip curtailment
  • Personal belongings and baggage cover
  • Delayed baggage cover
  • Missed departure or connection
  • Passport loss
  • Mugging benefit

Medical and healthcare cover means you could be entitled to a payout if you’re taken ill or injured while away.

Coronavirus cover means the policy will pay up to £2,000 if you test positive for coronavirus and can’t return to the UK. A further £2,000 can be claimed if someone needs to stay with you or another insured member of your party.

Return travel and funeral expenses means if you or a member of your party dies abroad, the insurer will pay up to £5 million to return your body to the UK. If your funeral and burial would take place in the country of your death, Direct Travel Insurance will pay £2,000 toward the expenses.

Trip curtailment could help if you need to cut short your trip. You may be entitled to between £1,500 and £6,000 depending on the level of cover you’ve opted for.

Personal belongings and baggage are covered if they’re lost or damaged. You could get from £1,000 to £3,000 depending on your cover level.

Delayed baggage is included but amounts vary depending on the cover level you choose.

Missed departure or connection is similar to delayed baggage, the level of protection depends on the cover you choose.

Passport loss could cover you if your passport and other relevant travel documents go missing you can claim from £150 to £500 for the inevitable hassle.

Mugging benefit is a less-common policy element and is only available with premier and premier plus. Should you be targeted by a street robber you’ll get up to £1,000

Direct Travel Insurance optional extras

Being a broker, Direct Travel Insurance can draw on a range of UK-based underwriters to find policies that suit a variety of needs. This explains why it offers the following additional extras:

Ski and Winter Sports insurance embraces off-piste skiing, lost, stolen or damaged equipment and protection for more than 30 winter sports. Cover includes piste closure if there’s not enough or too much snow.

Backpacker and Gap Year insurance is intended for people who’ll be carrying all their possessions with them as they travel. This policy option allows you to visit multiple countries, and even break up your trip to return home for a special event.

Cruise insurance will protect you in the event of a wide range of sea-faring specific claims, such as cabin confinement in the event of illness or injury, missed port, itinerary changes, delayed departures and ship to shore airlift.

UK day and breaks may appeal if you’re planning a weekend city break or a few days in a tent at a music festival in the UK. Benefits include cancellation due to illness or accident, loss or theft of personal property and cash. Cover’s available for up to five days.

Natural disasters are typically excluded – and those that are included or not differs between providers. To cut through the red tape, this option will provide blanket cover in the event of such catastrophes as tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, tornados, earthquakes and wildfire.

Gadget cover is available in 3 levels: bronze, silver and gold. This option may appeal if you’re planning to take a particularly expensive digital camera, phone, tablet or laptop, which would way exceed the usual level of cover to replace. Depending on which level you opt for you could get from up to £1,000 to £3,000 cover for loss, theft, breakdown or damage, plus up to £10,000 for unauthorised usage.

Car hire excess could be useful. While car hire companies are obliged to ensure you’re covered to drive their vehicle, policies usually come with hefty excesses. This option will cover some or all of the costs you might face if the car’s keys are lost or stolen, the wrong fuel is pumped into the engine or the car vandalised, among other benefits.

Contact Direct Travel Insurance

If you’d like to contact Direct Travel Insurance you can write to:

Direct Travel Insurance
Digital House
Threshelfords Business Park
Inworth Road

You can also phone Direct Travel Insurance by calling 0330 880 3600 between 8.30am and 6pm on Monday to Friday or 8.30am to 4pm on Saturday.

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