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Last reviewed 7 June 2022.

Why choose Outbacker travel insurance?

  • Specialist travel insurance for travellers aged 18 to 39.
  • Policies allow for a return to the UK in the event of an emergency.
  • 24 hour, 365 days a year emergency assistance hotline to ensure policyholders can speak to an expert if they need to.

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Who is Outbacker travel insurance?

Outbacker is part of the WorldWide Internet Insurance Services group, which was formed in 1993, making it one of the most seasoned travel insurance intermediaries. The company concentrates on offering younger travellers affordable cover while trooping around the globe on gap year or extended holidays.

Its parent company notes Outbacker picked up the Most Innovative Insurance Provider at the Fintech Awards 2021.

Outbacker has raised more than £40,000 for Medecins Sans Frontieres, also known as Doctors Without Borders, the independent charity set up to help victims of conflict, war and natural disasters.

Outbacker travel insurance policy details

Outbacker’s platinum cover offers two types of long-haul travel policies, gap year cover and backpacker insurance. In each case, there are three levels of cover to choose from:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Here are the main benefits offered across all three:

  • You could participate in over 100 activities under the protection of your policy, including archery, hot air ballooning, kayaking and surfing.
  • Emergency medical costs and return travel. Depending on your level of cover you could get from £1,500 to £2,500 of protection if you need to cut your holiday short.
  • Dental care is included if you need serious dental work done while you’re on your trip. Outbacker will cover you for from £250 to £500 depending on the policy level you’ve chosen.
  • Travel disruption is also covered if you miss your flight for a legitimate reason. Should there be a scheduled flight or transfer delay you can expect £20 per day, up to a total of £200. Total flight disruption will result in a £500 pay-out.
  • Baggage and cash are covered if they’re lost or stolen. You’ll get £1,000 with gold or silver policies or £1,500 with platinum cover if your baggage goes missing. A total of £150 will be paid per single article lost, but if a valuable item goes lost, stolen or broken, the insurer will deduct this sum from your overall baggage limit.
  • Personal liability means if you’re sued during your holiday, the insurer will pay for legal expenses and assistance up to two times the agreed limit (if more than one person is covered) to the tune of £10,000. When it comes to personal liability, you are covered for up to £2 million.
  • Personal injury is also covered. If you sustain a life-changing injury, such as the loss of a limb or an eye, Outbacker Insurance will pay up to £10,000. The same sum would also be paid out to your estate if you die while on your trip.

Outbacker travel insurance optional extras

In addition to its core offerings, Outbacker travel insurance can also cover you for the following specialist needs:

Winter sports such as skiing and tobogganing, can be covered.

There are different grades of this added cover, to cater for those with a more adventurous spirit. For example, zipping around on a snowmobile, heli-skiing or scaling ice cliffs would require an upgrade to Outbacker B or C Winter Sports packages.

The Winter sports packages come with a number of key benefits, including:

  • Cancellation cover is provided in the event you need to return to the UK for medical treatment following an injury sustained while enjoying a covered winter sport or activity.
  • Medical cover will be covered if you require emergency treatment while on your break.
  • Equipment cover will protect you should your personal belongings be damaged, lost or stolen on your jaunt.
  • Equipment hire cover is an extension of equipment cover, this policy feature ensures that if an item of equipment you lease is lost, stolen or broken, you won’t foot the bill.
  • Cover limit means Outbacker will pay up to £500 to cover the loss, theft or damage to ski equipment. The policy provider will also cover a maximum of £300 per single item that’s claimed for.

Gadget cover entitles you to various levels of cover for your phone, tablet, camera and other typical portable devices.

You should note that SIM cards are not protected. Likewise, proof of ownership will be needed for the gadget and any accessory, such as a mobile phone protector.

You can opt for single gadget cover amounting to from £1,000 with a £50 excess, to £10,000 of protection, with no excess.

Contact Outbacker

If you want to contact Outbacker about travel cover you can write to:

1st Floor
6 Silver Court
Welwyn Garden City

Alternatively, you can phone Outbacker on 0203 475 4682 or email them at travel@outbackerinsurance.com

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