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Last reviewed 1 August 2022.

Why choose Goodtogo travel insurance?

  • Travel insurance specialist for individuals, couples and families that find getting cover difficult due to their age or health.
  • No upper age limit, so the provider can offer cover to anyone needing single-trip or multi-trip annual travel insurance.
  • Can cover people with even the most severe medical conditions and offer protection policies to those with a terminal prognosis.

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Who is Goodtogo insurance?

Goodtogo is part of Ancile Insurance Group Limited, which was formed in 2007. The intermediary is a member of two distinguished industry bodies, the British Insurance Brokers’ Association and the Association of Travel Insurance Intermediaries. It’s also signed up to the government’s TravelAware campaign, which offers advice on safe travelling abroad.

Ancile Insurance operates many travel insurance brands, including Goodtogo, Yourtravelcover, Schooltripcover and Insurewithease. These subsidiaries focus on finding cover to suit various needs, from gap-year travels with a backpack to older clients with pre-existing medical conditions.

All Goodtogo travel insurance policies cover emergency treatment and repatriation costs if policyholders contract coronavirus while abroad. The cost of cancellation should an insured passenger catch Covid-19 within 14 days of departure is also included as standard.

Goodtogo has attracted plenty of positive reviews on TrustPilot. It’s been given an ‘excellent’ rating based on more than 3,000 individual feedback comments.

Independent financial analysts Defaqto rates companies out of five based on the 50 most important policy features. Defaqto awarded the Goodtogo Platinum Covid+ policy five stars. The Cruise Specific Plus Covid+ got four stars. The Cruise Specific Covid+, Gold, Gold Covid+ and Platinum all achieved three stars.

Independent financial analysts Defaqto rates companies out of five based on the 50 most important policy features. Defaqto awarded the Goodtogo Platinum Covid+ policy five stars. The Cruise Specific Plus Covid+ got four stars. The Cruise Specific Covid+, Gold, Gold Covid+ and Platinum all achieved three stars.

Goodtogo travel insurance policy details

Goodtogo offers three levels of cover; Silver, Gold and Platinum. The level of excess on each cover level varies:

  • Silver has a £100 standard excess and £500 medical excess
  • Gold has a £75 standard excess and £150 medical excess
  • Platinum has no excess

All cover levels offer:

  • Up to £10 million of emergency medical and repatriation expenses
  • £1,500 for funeral expenses abroad
  • £25 per 24 hours hospital benefit (capped at £1,000)
  • £300 for loss of medication

There are also different cover limitations for Silver, Gold and Platinum cover:

Silver cover doesn't include cover for personal injury, cancellation, curtailment, abandonment, missed departure or travel delays.

Gold cover offers up to £2,000 cancellation and curtailment cover and £2,000 abandonment cover.

Platinum cover offers up to £5,000 for cancellation, curtailment or abandonment.

Both Gold and Platinum offer £20 of cover per every 12 hours of travel delay up to £100. They also offer £500 missed departure and £15,000 personal accident and death cover.

Other benefits include £3,000 personal possession cover and £300 maximum for loss of prescription glasses (£2,000 and £150 respectively with Gold.

Goodtogo travel insurance policy types

Goodtogo offers a number of travel insurance policies. Here’s a look at the key benefits offered by each one:

Over 65s travel insurance includes:

  • Up to £10 million medical expenses insurance
  • A 24-hour medical emergency support phone line
  • Scheduled Airline Failure insurance to cover carrier insolvencies
  • Mobility aids cover up to £2,500
  • Cover for pre-existing medical conditions and terminal prognoses
  • Extensive medical conditions cover, including cancer, heart conditions, diabetes, stroke, epilepsy and mental health diagnoses
  • Cover for travellers undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy

Single trip travel insurance includes:

  • Extensive cover for pre-existing medical conditions and no upper age limit
  • Cover for single trips lasting up to 94 days

Annual travel insurance includes:

  • Extensive cover for pre-existing medical conditions, with no upper age limit, as standard
  • Cover for unlimited trips of up to 31 days duration during the policy term

Cruise Specific insurance:

  • Cruise insurance is included as standard with Gold and Platinum cover, but you can upgrade to Cruise Specific insurance to get such additional benefits like cabin confinement, cruise interruption, itinerary change and missed port departure cover
  • Up to £10,000 of cancellation cover is also provided with Cruise Specific insurance

Ski insurance includes:

  • Single trip and annual ski cover for travellers up to age 75
  • Cover for travellers with any type of pre-existing medical condition
  • Scheduled Airline Failure cover
  • 24-hour, 365 days a year medical emergency support
  • Up to £10 million medical expenses cover, including mountain rescue
  • Cover for up to £500 of ski equipment, £250 for ski hire and £250 for piste closure feature

Already left the UK insurance:

Goodtogo also provides insurance for people who either reside outside of the UK or who have already departed on their holiday.

  • All types of preexisting medical conditions can be catered for and there’s no upper age limit.
  • Prospective customers must have left the UK no more than 14 days previously, and must be returning to the UK within 31 days from the date the cover was purchased.

Goodtogo travel insurance optional extras

You can add extra benefits to your standard Silver, Gold or Platinum policies, including:

Pet cancellation and curtailment if you need to cancel or cut short a holiday because your pet needs emergency life-saving treatment. It covers unrecoverable costs, such as transport, accommodation and foreign car hire.

Overseas return quarantine covers losses incurred if you’re prevented from boarding on your return journey because you’ve got or are suspected of having an infectious disease, such as coronavirus.

Gadget cover provides additional cover to ensure you’re not out of pocket if gadgets, including your tablet or mobile are lost, damaged or stolen on your trip.

Virtual doctor access gives you unlimited access to a private GP helpline while away. The GP would provide advice and in some cases a diagnosis to prevent unnecessary trips to a surgery while on holiday.

Additional waiting list cover covers you if you need to cancel or curtail a holiday after receiving an appointment for treatment you’ve been waiting for. It’s only available as an upgrade for Gold and Platinum policyholders.

Terrorism Cover extension provides an additional £2,000 of cover if you need to cancel or curtail your trip due to an act of terror that occurs within 40 miles of your pre-booked accommodation.

Missed connection cover extends your standard cover to ensure you’re protected if you miss a connecting journey as a result of a delay to your initial international outbound journey.

Natural catastrophe cover provides extra cover for cancellation and associated expenses stemming from an unexpected natural event, such as a volcanic ash cloud or an earthquake.

Hazardous activities & sports will provide cover if you upgrade to receive protection while participating in one of the more-riskier pursuits detailed under the heading Hazardous Activities B and C. This level of cover is only available to policyholders up to 75 years.

Contact Goodtogo travel insurance

If you would like to contact Goodtogo you can write to:

Ancile Insurance Group Ltd.
Kao Hockham Building
Edinburgh Way
CM20 2NQ

You can also phone Goodtogo for a quote, sales or renewals on 0330 024 9949 or customer services on 01279 621 662. Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm (excluding bank holidays).

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