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Running a guest house can be a difficult job at the best of times, so the last thing you need is extra worry when you're trying to juggle your daily duties.

As with any property investment it makes sense to protect it against risks that may leave you struggling financially. 

With the right cover in place, you could give yourself peace of mind that comes from knowing your business is protected.

  • buildings policy can cover your guest house from events like fires, floods and storms. See what else is covered
  • Certain insurers provide you with public liability insurance as standard when you take out a policy with them

  • You could also get contents cover to protect items like your furniture from damage
  • Some insurers offer add-ons for things like accidents, income loss and legal claims
  • Possessions insurance will cover your guests' possessions against loss, damage or theft while staying in your property

Things to consider with guest house insurance

Every guest house has its own unique quirks and features, which makes each policy different to the last. Your policy will depend on the number of rooms, staff you employ, food you provide, guest house costs and many other factors that will affect the level of cover you’re looking for.

Your policy may also depend on these other factors:

  • The length of time your business has been running
  • The number of properties you own – do you use more than one building to host your guests?
  • Your claims history

Why should I compare guest house insurance with

Getting cover for your business could end up saving you money in the event of a theft loss or damage. We compare a range of trusted companies to get you the best deal.

It's important to get the right level of cover to suit the needs of your business. Additional protection could be available for things like:

  • Accidental damage

  • Legal claims by staff or guests injured on your premises

  • Loss of alcohol license

  • Cash on the premises or in transit

  • Business interruption cover - if you have to temporarily close your business

  • Maintenance and repair of electrical and plumbing services

  • Damage to stock, like frozen food

I'm an AirBnb host, can I get cover for my rented space?

You can, as long as you consider these factors:

  • Does your mortgage company allow it?
    Check your mortgage agreement to ensure you're allowed you rent out your home.
  • Is the property you’re renting out your main residence?
    To insurance companies it matters whether you live in the property full-time or if you're only renting it out for guests.
  • Is your property freehold or leasehold?
    You may find a term in your lease stating that you can't sub-let your property.

There are specialist policies, including additional cover provided by AirBnb, for those that require additional cover for their home, should they want to rent it out for holiday-goers. You can find out more information in our AirBnb guide.


Why do I need guest house insurance?

As the owner of a guest house you not only have to deal with the same problems as most property owners, like damage to your building and belongings, but you also face the extra stress that comes with running your own business.

Protect your investment and give yourself peace of mind so you can concentrate on giving your guests a great holiday experience.


Cover the risks that standard policies don't

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