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1Correct as of July 2024

How much does a Peugeot cost to insure?

The cost of Peugeot car insurance is affected by your personal circumstances, such as your age, postcode and driving history. The model you choose will also make a big difference. Here are some average car insurance prices for a few of the most popular Peugeot models:

Model Average price*
207 S(90)
108 Active VTi 68
3008 Allure Pure Tech
e-2008 GT
108 Allure

*Based on data August 2023 - January 2024

For a complete picture of all the factors which affect your Peugeot car insurance cost, see how car insurance is calculated. You can also find out price trends for your area and demographic with our car insurance price index.

How can I save on Peugeot car insurance?

Numerous factors feed into the price you pay for Peugeot car insurance - your age, location and driving history to name a few. But there are other factors which you can tweak to bring the cost of cover down:

Keep an eye on your mileage

A good way to keep your Peugeot insurance cost down is to limit your mileage. The more time you spend on the road, the greater the chance of making a claim - and the more likely your insurance costs will increase. You should hopefully pay less by driving fewer than 6,600(2) miles a year, which is the average mileage for our customers. Plus, if you drive infrequently, a pay as you go policy could work for you.

Pay upfront rather than monthly

When you compare Peugeot car insurance, the quotes you get will give you the option of paying annually or monthly. If you can afford to pay the annual price upfront, this will work out better, as paying monthly includes interest. Paying upfront for your insurance can save you up to 38%(2).

Could a black box policy save you money?

If you get a black box insurance policy - otherwise known as telematics - you allow your driving to be monitored. In turn, your insurer will price your car insurance according to how you drive, rewarding safe driving. This takes into consideration things like your speed, how smoothly you brake and accelerate, where and how far you drive, and the times of day you’re on the road.

Add a named driver to your policy

By adding a named driver with a good driving history, you help to spread the risk. This is especially useful for young Peugeot drivers. But it’s important to be honest - the main driver should be the person who drives the car most. Being dishonest about this is known as ‘fronting’. This is illegal, and can lead to your insurance being invalidated. Want more ways to lower the cost of your cover? Check out these tips for cheaper car insurance.

(2)Based on data, December - February 2024.

What insurance group is my Peugeot in?

If you haven’t bought your Peugeot yet, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research to find out what car insurance is likely to cost. This includes checking the model’s car insurance group.
All cars sit in one of 50 insurance groups.

Broadly speaking, these are ranked by insurance risk, with higher groups meaning higher car insurance costs. There are many factors which affect car insurance grouping: 

  • The car’s value: More expensive cars tend to be in higher groups.
  • Its security features: Anti-theft features will help the car fall into a lower group.
  • What it costs to repair: Cars which are more expensive to fix will be in higher groups.
  • How fast it is: Powerful cars with a high top speed and fast acceleration will be in a higher group, as they’re at higher risk of being in a collision.
  • How safe it is: If the car has several safety features, such as ABS brakes, it’s less likely to be involved in a collision. As such, it’ll be in a lower group.

Car insurance group checker

We couldn't find a car with this registration.

What insurance can I get for my Peugeot?

When choosing a level of car insurance, you have 3 options:

  • Third-party only is the minimum level of cover you need to legally drive in the UK. This covers you if you have a collision with a third party causing injury to them, or damage to their vehicle. But your Peugeot won’t be covered for damage or repairs if it’s involved in an accident, nor will it have theft or fire-damage protection.
  • Third-party, fire and theft insurance is the middle-ground level of cover. You’re protected against claims made by third parties, and it also covers your Peugeot if it’s damaged by fire or stolen.
  • Comprehensive cover offers the greatest level of protection. As with all car insurance policies, it covers damage or injuries sustained by others. But it also covers injury to you or your passengers, and damage to your Peugeot - as well as fire or theft. It’s also worth knowing that it can often work out cheaper than other policies, despite offering the most cover.

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