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The most pinned car modifications

When it comes to customising your car, there are plenty of options at your disposal. From plush seat coverings and LED mood lighting, to go-faster stripes and spoilers, many car-owners are adding unique touches to their vehicles.

A birds-eye view of a open topped car with green leather interiors and a white retro steering wheel

While it can be exciting to personalise your car, it’s worth considering that while they may look great, these additions could affect your car insurance policy. This depends on how much the modifications change the car’s value, chance of being stolen or chance of being in an accident. So it’s worth letting your insurance company know when you’re making modifications to your vehicle.

But which trims are the most popular at the moment?

We looked on Pinterest to find out which car customisations have been saved the most. Either pimp your ride with the styles of the season, or avoid them at all costs to make sure your car is truly unique. 

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The most pinned car interiors

When you buy a car, it’s safe to assume that you’re likely to spend quite some time inside. Because of this, it’s a popular choice to modify the interior of your car so that it’s completely to your liking. That way when you’re stuck in traffic, the pain is softened by the fact that you get to spend more time in your flawlessly-designed interior.

Rank Interior Description Number of saved pins
1 Hot pink lighting 27,137
2 Pink velour seating 15,486
3 Pink leather seats with starry ceiling 7,785
4 Ice blue leather seats with starry ceiling 7,048
5 Pink leather interiors 7,015
6 White leather interiors 6,190
7 Brown leather interiors 2,775
8 Tartan interiors 2,536
9 Black & gold leather seats with starry ceiling 2,473
10 White and brown interiors 2,450

The most pinned result for ‘car interiors’ on Pinterest is a car with hot pink lighting. This trim has 27,137 pins, making this bright, colourful mood lighting a popular choice when it comes to personalising a vehicle.

The colour pink also occupies second and third place. A car with pink velour interiors has 15,486 pins, so covering your seats in this fabric is a trend worth following. Meanwhile, a pink leather seated car with starry ceilings has 7,785 pins in total - if you want to sit under the (LED) stars whenever you go for a drive, this is the design to go for. 

A pinterest board showing the ten most pinned car interior designs


The most pinned car exteriors

For those whose main intention is to make the outside of your car look as good as possible, there are also plenty of external trims on offer.

Popular modifications often include lighting, from changing up the ones that are already there to adding brand new LEDs in different areas. If you’re in the market for some exciting exterior alterations, here are the most popular results on Pinterest.

Rank Exterior Description Number of saved pins
1 Exhaust light 23,421
2 Wide body kit 10,187
3 Heart tail lights 8,680
4 Love heart alloys 7,200
5 Rhinestone badge 4,463
6 Spoiler 4,091
7 Heart exhaust 3,842
8 Under car lighting 2,242
9 Car edged with LED strip lights 1,431
10 Multicoloured undercar lights 1,267

The most saved exterior design result is a blue exhaust light, which has 23,421 pins in total. This light adds a cool, unique touch to a generally boring part of the vehicle (sorry to any exhaust pipe enthusiasts out there). And, being an easy modification to make, it’s not only great for aesthetics but for ease of installation too. Win, win.

An exterior that’s less easy - or should we say impossible - to DIY, since it’s a design choice made by the manufacturer, is a wide body guise. This car design has 10,187 pins on Pinterest, so if you’re a fan of the sporty, wide body look, you’ll need to know this before you buy your dream vehicle.

If you aren’t in the market for a brand new vehicle, you can easily add the third most popular exterior design yourself: heart tail lights. This image has 8,680 pins, and can be done on a tight budget, giving your car a custom look without a hefty price tag. 

A pinterest board showing the ten most pinned car exterior designs


The most pinned car colours

If pimped-up lighting and spoilers aren’t to your taste, another popular way to customise your car is to change up the exterior colour. This modification is unlikely to affect your insurance price, making it a great way to add some personality to your ride without it costing the world. So, what are the most popular car colours at the moment? Here are the results.

Rank Description Number of saved pins
1 Metallic bronze 28,329
2 Gold 19,836
3 Mint green 19,414
4 White 18,886
5 Maroon 17,431
6 Multicoloured 16,860
7 Orange 10,246
8 Blue 10,214
9 Green 9,740
10 Peach 9,458

The most pinned image when searching for ‘car colours’ on Pinterest is a metallic bronze car, with 28,329 pins. This more muted metallic is an extremely popular choice for a brand new car trim, but if you want to go slightly more extreme with a brighter metallic, gold is the second most popular car colour. This colour has 19,836 pins, so it’s safe to say there are lots of people out there who’d love to transform their car from drab to fab with this colour.

For something a little less ‘bling’, a mint green exterior is also popular at the moment, with 19,414 pins. If you want to change up your car’s colour, be it to one of the top choices or something completely different, then you must notify the DVLA of the change. Other than that, once you’ve updated the colour, you’re good to go and show off your brand new hue to everyone on the roads.

A pinterest board showing the ten most pinned car colours


The most pinned accessories and DIY additions

Like the idea of customising your car but don’t want to make as many permanent changes to your vehicle? There are various accessories you can add and DIY changes to make that add a lot of personality without having to alter the vehicle itself. These are the most pinned results for car accessories and DIYs on Pinterest, if you’re wondering.

The most pinned car DIY glow-up is a rhinestone steering wheel, which has 14,782 pins in total. It’s an inexpensive, albeit time-consuming, DIY project, or you could get someone else to do it if you don’t have much of an artistic flair. Either way, there’s one thing for sure: once your wheel is bedazzled, no one can say your car doesn’t have personality.

The second most pinned car accessory/DIY projects are images of interiors containing flowers, crochet details and natural elements. Most recognisable as quite a ‘hippie’ aesthetic, these interiors have 11,390 pins on Pinterest. They could be the perfect choice for anyone who wants to make their car feel a bit more in tune with nature. It may not be practical to have living plants in your car, but it definitely looks nice.

For anyone with a penchant for art, a car contains many surfaces that can double as your canvas, and for many Pinterest users, the mirrors are perfect for this. There are 7,254 pins for an image of a painted mirror, and you can let your creativity run wild with this DIY. Just make sure you don’t completely cover the mirror with paint - you’ll still need to see out of it. You could even fail your MOT if your mirrors don’t give you an adequate view of the road, so tread carefully here.

Rank Description Number of saved pins

If your car modification increases the vehicle’s value, its chance of being stolen or its chance of being involved in an accident, your car insurance policy could become more expensive. So, when you’re deciding how to inject some personality into your car, bear in mind this potential cost as well as the cost of the changes themselves. To find out how your chosen modifications may affect your car insurance, check out our guide to modified car insurance to see how your policy might change.

Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at Confused.com sums up what you should do when adding modifications to your car:

“It’s always worth being mindful of any changes you make to your vehicle, as not all modifications are seen equally by an insurer. So, if you’re looking to add any modifications to your car, you might want to shop around and see the impact on your insurance before you commit. Or, if you’re midway through a policy, you could speak to your existing insurer to get a recalculation of your costs, plus any admin fees you might have to pay. 

"Since cars with modifications are typically higher in value and cost more to cover in the event of a claim, it's likely that your premium might increase - something that should be considered and factored into the cost of the project. However, if you’re set on adding the new trims or lighting to your car, shopping around might be the best way to ensure you're getting the best price."