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Eight gifts for car lovers

Put down that half-price engine oil and buy these far more creative car gifts for your loved ones.

This article contains affiliate links. If you buy any products via these links, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you. 

 A selection of gifts for drivers 




We get it - buying gifts is hard. And with new products coming out every year, it's confusing trying to figure out what to buy your loved ones. 

But if you know someone who likes spending time in their car, you're in luck. Here are some fun and useful gifts that'll be sure to put a smile on their face.

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Say goodbye to their grubby car with this portable hoover

ThisWorx hoover

This nifty little car hoover can get into all those difficult to reach nooks and crannies in your car. 

It's not the most creative gift, but it's useful. And it's likely that if your car friend does struggle to keep their car clean, they'll thank you (and hopefully not curse you) for it.

It's only only 2.4lbs, so it's easy to move around. It also comes with three interchangeable nozzles:

  • A flathead
  • An extension tube
  • A brush head

When your car friend is having a spruce up, they don't need to worry about running out of power either. The hoover plugs into your cigarette lighter port for endless hours of hoovering happiness.


Check prices for the ThisWorx car hoover on Amazon


Help them banish condensation with a car dehumidifier

Car dehumidifier

Ok, so it’s not a cool toy that will turn your car into Optimus Prime - but condensation is a pain.

As we all should know by now, it’s key to get rid of all car condensation before you start driving.

It isn’t just unsafe, it’s also illegal as it limits your view of the road. If you’re caught you could get a fine of £60 and three points on your licence.

De-misting your car can take a while though. So having an item that keeps condensation at bay is ideal.

The Pingi car dehumidifier can do just that. The 12cm-high, cushion-like object can sit in on your dash board (as long as it doesn’t obstruct your vision), or on your back seat. It permanently absorbs condensation.

It can be used in different places too, for example in the home or in caravans.

So, in the months where condensation isn’t an issue in your car, you can use the Pingi elsewhere.

You can easily see when the Pingi is full by the circular indicator on the front of the bag. This changes from blue to pink when it’s fully saturated.

The good news is that the Pingi is reusable. Once it’s full it can be ‘recharged’ simply by putting it in the microwave. 

Check prices for dehumidifiers on Amazon

Keep their windscreen frost free with an ice-scraper and built in mitten

Ice scraper mit

If you’ve been pouring boiling water on your window to de-ice it, stop!

This could seriously damage your windscreen. Remember, when you’re de-icing your windscreen:

  • Don’t use boiling water

  • Don’t use your credit card or any other make-shift scraper

  • Never leave the car unattended if the keys are in the ignition.

If you know someone who does this, why not treat them to an ice scraper with a built-in mitt?

This scraper should de-ice your windscreen effectively, and the built-in mitten will stop your hand freezing on those cold winter mornings.

Leave plenty of time for your morning de-icing ritual, as rushing could land you in trouble.

As we mentioned, driving with a windscreen that’s not clear is unsafe, and could land you with points on your licence and a fine.

Our complete guide on de-icing your windscreen has more tips and tricks.

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Struggling with the heat? Try a windscreen protector

Windscreen cover

When you think of a windscreen cover, you might think it only serves a purpose in the winter. It does do that, as it protects your screen from freezing over, but it also acts as a sun shade.

We’ve all been there when we’ve opened our car doors and been blasted by a rush of freshly-boiled air.

This windscreen cover’s manufacturer claims it could reduce temperatures in the car by 50%, making your first trip in the car on a summer’s day more bearable.

It’s easy to fit too. The cover has two flaps on either side that fit under the top of the passenger and driver door.

Once the doors are locked, the windscreen cover is secured.

Check prices for windscreen covers on Amazon

Help them protect against keyless theft with a faraday pouch

Faraday pouch

Does your car have keyless entry? If so, it might be worth investing in some extra security.

Keyless entry car theft is on the rise. According to vehicle recovery service, Tracker, cases were up by 50% in July 2020 compared with spring of that year.

Keyless entry theft is when criminals manipulate the signal from the keyless entry fob, to open and start the car. Once they’ve done this, they can drive the car away.

An effective way to potentially prevent this is to use a faraday pouch.

The nifty and compact device blocks the transmitting signal from the key fob to the car. This makes it difficult for thieves to hack.

Check prices for faraday pouches on Amazon

Keep their mobile secure with an in-car phone holder

Beikell phone holder

Getting a decent in-car phone holder for your car is easier said than done. 

Suction cups can lose their suction, and the magnetic holders sometimes don’t fit. It’s a nightmare – and an unwelcome distraction when driving. Particularly as many of us rely on navigation apps to get from A to B.

With recent changes to the law making it illegal to touch your mobile phone while you’re driving, getting a secure phone holder is key. The Beikell phone holder comes highly recommended on Amazon, with over 16,000 reviews hitting a 4-and-a-half-star rating. 

It has an extra strong gel suction pad that should stay secure during even bumpy rides.

You can also remove the holder easily with a touch of a button. The makers claim it won’t leave an unsightly mark on the surface either.

Check prices for Beikell adjustable phone mounts on Amazon

Help them keep their tyres in good nick, with a tyre inflator and digital tyre tread gauge

Tyre inflator

You should always keep your tyres in good condition, regularly checking their pressure and tread depth.

If the tread is under the legal limit, it’s not only unsafe, it’s also illegal. You could face a fine and points on your licence, you might even invalidate your car insurance.

If your tyres aren’t at the correct pressure you may find that your car starts to eat up petrol. Or even worse, your tyre could blow out while you’re driving.

So, the RAC tyre inflator and digital tread gauge could be essential for any driver’s tool kit.

To inflate your car’s tyres to the right level, screw the tyre inflator to the tyre’s nozzle using the adaptor.

To power the inflator, take the adaptor and plug it in to the socket where the cigarette lighter usually is.

Press the button to inflate the tyre and you’re good to go! The manufacturers claim that the car should inflate from flat to full in under five minutes.

Once your tyres have reached full inflation (you should find this in your car’s manual) press the button to stop it. It only has one button so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

It’s not just for cars either. The RAC tyre inflator comes with three adaptors, for bicycle tyres and other small inflatables.

The RAC’s digital tread gauge will help you suss out the condition of your car’s tread too.

Check prices for tyre inflators on Amazon

Level up their cleaning game with a luxury car cleaning kit

Luxury car cleaning kit

The ultimate luxury gift for the car obsessed.

The kit comes with a 100% natural sheepskin mitt, which you can use both in the interior and exterior of the car. It’s best to clean the interior first though, as you’ll have to apply wax to the exterior.

It also includes an extra-large chamois - because every motorist knows a medium or small chamois won’t do. The lint and scratch free material is perfect for spot free drying and buffing to get that professional shine.

And if you’re noticing your screen is a little foggy, the chamois-covered sponges will absorb the moisture, minimising streaks and smudges.

The kit comes with a handy draw string bag to store everything in so you can keep it in your boot or glove box. No more garage clutter!


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