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09 Jan 2019
Jamie Gibbs Jamie Gibbs

16 dirty vans that became works of art



From budding Van Goghs to aspiring Van Morrisons, these doodles, musings and general banter are next level.

To some, a dirty van is an eyesore. To others, however, it's a blank canvas, a fresh page, an untouched field upon which dreams can be sewn. Here are just a few of our favourites.

The Original, 2014

@rack_bro. Dirt on glass

Wash me pls. #dirtyvan 😟

A photo posted by Eric Breaux (@rack__bro) on

It's Coming Home, 2015

@Bigvanworld, dirt on metal

Tony Robinson's Dream, 2015

@Citroenvansales, dirt on metal

True Friendship, 2015

@mimihaviland, dirt on glass


A photo posted by mimihaviland (@mimihaviland) on

Fierce, 2016

@jeffordo, dirt on metal

Waiting For The Weekend, 2016

@euancampbell, dirt on metal


Life motto in pictures 😂 #lifegoals #dirtyvan #sadmonday #happyfriday #transit #jokes

A photo posted by euancampbell19 (@euancampbell19) on

Bobby Beale, 2015

@Anderson_R1985, dirt on metal

Equality, 2013

@mialowden91, dirt on metal

#removalads #andlady #movinghouse #van #dirtyvan #cleanme #nofilter

A photo posted by Mia (@mialowden91) on

Pure Filth: Parts 1 & 2, unknown

@vmarsh1996 & @U.pants, dirt on metal

Graffiti on two dirty vans

Vmarsh1996 and U.pants

Spread The Word, 2013

@tayls.r, dirt on metal

An unusually positive and Christian form of graffiti? #dirtyvan #graffiti #christian message! 😂

A photo posted by Taylor Rodgers (@tayls.r) on

Butty, 2017

@van_transit.ion, mud on metal

On The Catwalk, Yeah, 2016

@bizzleinthediff, dirt on glass

The First Sign Of Madness, 2016

@where_ever_i_go, dirt on glass

Reign In Mud, 2013

@punkdrum777, dirt on glass

Little Miss Sunshine, 2014

@mylitterbox, dirt on glass

#grassrootsfestival #dirtyvan #hippies

A photo posted by Catleya Sornmayura (@mylitterbox) on

Red Five Standing By, 2015

@ruddymuddy, dirt on metal

First published 01 June 2016


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