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Last reviewed 09 December 2021

Why choose HomeProtect home insurance?

  • Basic legal expenses and home emergency cover as standard.
  • No claims bonus discount on HomeProtect's buildings insurance policy.
  • Covers unoccupied buildings and those with an unusual history such as subsidence, underpinning and flooding.

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Who is HomeProtect?

HomeProtect is a London-based direct-to-online-consumer insurer that specialises in home cover. Established in 2002 to solely offer home insurance, HomeProtect has established a reputation for providing good, all-round, home insurance as well as offering niche home insurance for a wide variety of property and personal circumstances.

These circumstances include, unoccupied properties, holiday and Airbnb homes, homes with lodgers, homes made from non-standard materials, homes used to run businesses and just about everything else you can think of in the home insurance arena.

The insurer has an in-house underwriting team to tailor policies and a UK call centre. HomeProtect is owned by Avantia, which claims to deliver “The world’s most intelligent property insurance.” It describes itself as a technology-enabled insurer that’s on a mission to make insurance available to everybody, not just those whose risks are easy to price. All HomeProtect insurance policies are underwritten by AXA Insurance.

HomeProtect policy details

HomeProtect offers buildings insurance or contents cover on a standalone basis as well as providing buildings and contents insurance under a single policy.

Buildings insurance typically covers your home against losses from incidents such as fire, storms, flooding, vandalism, burglary and subsidence. Buildings insurance also covers fixtures and fittings, garages and outbuildings, exterior and interior walls, roofs and flooring. 

Contents insurance protects you against loss, damage or theft of your belongings. This includes household goods and all other personal items in the property, protecting them against losses from incidents such as fire, storms, flooding, escape of water and theft.

Buildings insurance from HomeProtect typically includes:

  • A buildings sum insured of £1m as standard, though HomeProtect says there are circumstances wherethe sum insured is equivalent to the rebuild cost of your property
  • Alternative accommodation cover – for you and your pets up to a maximum of £75,000, if you can’t live in the home due to an event causing you to make a successful claim
  • Trace and access – this covers the cost of tracing and accessing the cause of an escape of water or oil (up to £7,500 per claim) and repair costs for the cause of the leak (up to £250 per claim)
  • Accidental damage – there are two levels to choose from, basic and full. Basic provides a limited level of cover (up to £1,500 per claim) and is designed to protect your home from damage caused by you or your guest to windows, solar panels, bathroom fixtires, ceramic hobs and underground pipes or cables. Full accidental damage provides a comprehensive level of cover to the sum you insured your home and outbuildings for (subject to any policy limits and restrictions).  

Contents insurance from HomeProtect typically includes:

  • Cover for your household goods and all other personal items within the property against losses from incidents such as fire, storms, flooding, escape of water and theft
  • Protection for your household items and personal items outside the home, including your garden plants
  • Up to £6,000 (£500 per item) per claim for items belonging to a family member living away from your home in student accommodation
  • Accidental damage – two levels of cover are available, basic and full. Basic provides a limited level of cover of up to £500 per claim and is designed to protect your contents, so things like your TV or other belongings against damage caused by you or your guests. Full accidental damage cover provides comprehensive cover increased to the sum you insured your content for (subject to any policy limits and restrictions).
  • Liability to staff – up to £5m of cover for injury caused to staff
  • Liability to the public – up to £5m of cover for claims of injury or damage to property from third parties
  • HomeProtect policies can also include basic legal expenses or basic home emergency as standard. Upgrade options are available

What is and isn't insured for both buildings and contents insurance does vary by policy. Your own circumstances will also dictate what cover is available. As with all insurance policies, terms and conditions do apply, so you should familiarise yourself with the details of their cover, including the policy limitations and exclusions, before you buy a policy.

Along with providing standard home insurance, HomeProtect will also cover UK holiday homes, rental properties and home businesses. It can also cover properties which are listed, unoccupied or have previously experienced issues such as flooding.

HomeProtect offer one standard home insurance policy which can be varied and modified to fit your circumstances. These variations and modifications are not available through our site so we  recommend that you check the level of cover and benefits that your policy includes, and ask HomeProtect to make any required modifications, before buying.

HomeProtect optional extras

Accidental damage cover can typically be upgraded from no cover or basic cover to a more comprehensive level for buildings, contents or combined buildings and contents policies.

Specified items cover can typically be added to protect high risk items, including bicycles or electronic gadgets such as laptops, tablets or mobile phones against damage or theft. HomeProtect offers two types of specified items cover: items inside your home or items anywhere in the world.

General possessions cover can be used to protect everyday personal possessions worth less than £1,500 individually that you regularly take outside of your home. With it you're protected against physical damage or theft wherever you go, anywhere in the world.

Other upgrades are available. You can choose to upgrade your cover so you have a more comprehensive level of legal expenses or home emergency cover, or add key protection to bump up the level of assistance should you lose your keys.

Contact HomeProtect

For all general enquiries, you can speak to HomeProtect by phone on 0330 660 1000.

You can also write to HomeProtect using the following address:

CI Tower,
St George’s Square,
New Malden,

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