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Moving home - Expectation vs reality


Moving home. It’s supposed to be an adventure, the start of a new and exciting chapter in your life. But the day itself rarely goes according to plan.

expectation reality

1. Expectation: Your helpful kids will make things easier

happy family

Reality: Not likely. You'll sooner see them cost you your deposit.

hand print

2. Expectation: You'll have sophisticated dinner parties and cook for all your friends

dinner party

Reality: There’s always housework to do.

aint nobody

3. Expectation: A quick lick of paint and you'll turn a house into a home

heart paint

Reality: You'll be weeping as you watch the pounds burn away.


4. Expectation: You'll get the keys on Tuesday and move in hassle-free

hand shake

Reality: You can pretty much write of the first three or four exchange dates you're given.

5. Expectation: You'll show your friends the new pad with a cool housewarming party


Reality: Party rule number 1 – never be the host.

party fail

6. Expectation: You'll pack everything in advance and be super organised


Reality: You're dreaming.

7. Expectation: You'll introduce yourself to your neighbours properly


Your first conversation starts with “Hi, I’m David. I live next door. I just hit your car”.


8. Expectation: You'll try that great home decorating hack you found on Pinterest


Reality: It’s not as easy as it looks.

crayon fail

9. Expectation: You'll furnish the whole place at Ikea


Reality: Flat-pack isn't for everyone.

chair fail

10. Expectation: You'll get along with the neighbours


Reality: Without a little understanding, you could find yourself un-friended.


11. Expectation: You'll learn DIY and fix the place up


Reality: DIY isn't for everyone.


12. Expectation: You'll be better off financially

money bank

Reality: Mortgage, gas, electricity, insurance, council tax, TV licence, phone bill, broadband, TV, food, clothes, boiler cover...



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