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Last reviewed 23 August 2022

Why choose Tesco Bank Box car insurance?

  • There are no curfews or fines 
  • Good range of annual mileage limits and ‘top up’ options
  • Your renewal price may go down (or up) depending on you how you drive

Younger drivers between 17-35 frequently struggle to find reasonably priced car cover. That’s why telematics or black box insurance can be a lifeline. It tells your insurer exactly how you drive while you’re on the road.

Tesco Bank Box car insurance is also a bit different as it lets you drive for a full year for a standard premium. This helps Tesco Bank Box keep an eye on your driving style, encouraging you to drive safely and helping keep that premium as low as possible for the following year.

You can track your driving online as well as view all your documents quickly. There’s also theft tracking plus an accident alert.

Tesco Bank Box car insurance may try to call you if it thinks there’s been an incident. While it’s good to know it’s there, don’t take it as a substitute for the emergency services. 

You can earn up to 100 bonus miles a month for safe driving and there’s a guaranteed discount for Tesco Clubcard members.

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Who is Tesco Bank?

Tesco has a pretty strong presence across financial services. Its history stretches back to 1997 when it was known as Tesco Personal Finance, led by former chief executive Terry Leahy.

Its 3,700-strong bank staff now support 5.2 million customers with £5.7 billion in customer deposits.

Tesco Bank offers a swathe of banking, mortgages and credit cards, not to mention travel products. It quickly latched onto smartphone support with an app for Apple’s Watch product in 2015.

Tesco’s retail roots reach back to founder Jack Cohen. He built up his fledgling London East End grocery stall from his demob money following the First World War.

Today, Tesco has around 5,000 stores worldwide. And that ubiquitous name? Cohen’s first own-brand product was Tesco Tea. TE Stockwell was a partner in the tea supply chain – and the ‘CO’ is from the first two letters of Jack's surname.

Dry goods like tea are a long way from car insurance. But many grocery companies in the 1990s realised extensive shopping customer data was a natural match for building stronger financial relationships.

Tesco Bank Box policy details

Looking for a policy that includes European cover, a courtesy car if yours is off the road due to an accident-related repair, plus windscreen cover?

You get all three with Tesco Bank box insurance car cover, plus personal accident protection of up to £7,500 as well as: 

  • European cover up to 90 days’ protection in Europe.
  • Windscreen repair for the replacement or repair of your car windscreen, but your own excess will be used here.
  • Personal accident protection up to £7,500 of cover if you, your civil partner, husband or wife are accidentally injured.
  • Temporary replacement car if your car is off the road and being repaired at a Tesco Bank car insurance-approved garage, you get a replacement car.

Tesco says the miles you drive in any temporary replacement car aren’t debited from your overall miles allowance. That’s good to know, just in case of the worst happening.

A temporary loan car is down to availability and not guaranteed. It’s only offered if you’re using a repairer from Tesco Bank car insurance’s list of approved repairers. If your car has been written off or has been stolen and is still missing, you won't qualify for a courtesy car.

Temporary replacement cars can generally be a lot smaller than the car you might be used to – it’s a get-you-home solution rather than a replacement.

One last thing. Tesco’s box insurance policy will not cover you for filling up with the wrong type of fuel. So do always take care when re-fuelling.

Tesco Bank offers a selection of car insurance policies and types. Not all policies and types are available through our site, so the exact levels of cover and benefits may vary. Before buying car insurance, we recommend you check the cover and benefits included.

Contact Tesco Bank Box?

You can contact Tesco Bank Box by email. For customer service, contact service@boxins.tescobank.com.

You can also write to their customer relations team at: PO Box 27010, Glasgow, G2 2DR.

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