Car running cost calculator

Looking for a new car but not sure what you can afford?

Weighing up the running costs of a new car can be confusing. That's where we can help.

Simply enter your number plate, email address and hit calculate. We show the average valuation for the car, plus its annual costs – insurance, road tax and a fuel consumption estimate based on a 7,000 annual mileage.

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If you’re a previous customer, the calculator can also provide an insurance quote based on your personal details. All you have to do is enter your email address to get a quote within seconds.

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If you haven’t used the site before, don’t let that stop you. The calculator can still give you information on running costs without an insurance quote.

How can the calculator help me?

There's a lot of factors to consider before you commit to buying a car. Running costs are one of the biggest. Our car running costs calculator can help you:

  • Estimate the ongoing motoring costs, not just the price of the car.
  • Compare car costs to find an affordable car to run, to suit your needs.
  • Find out the fuel efficiency and long-term costs of a car.
  • Get an indication of your car’s current market value.

Helping you find the right car

Your budget will typically determine what type of car you can buy. However, it's not all about the initial costs – you'll have to factor in the running costs too. We can help find the right car for you.

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