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Motorbike insurance FAQs

I've entered my bike's details but I can't find it. What do I do?

New models and imported bikes can be difficult to locate, and some models are listed under a slightly different name. For example, you’ll find a Piaggio under ‘Vespa-Piaggio’.

If your details are correct and you still can’t select your bike, then unfortunately we won’t be able to help you get a quote at this time - without knowing your bike’s exact details, the prices we return could be invalid.

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I've only got a motorcycle licence and not a car licence - why won't the system let me proceed?

If you haven’t had a car licence as yet, you can leave this blank and still proceed with your quote.

A full UK licence allows you to drive a bike provisionally, so we need to know the date you obtained it if you have one.

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