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What is multi-car insurance?

  • Multi-car policies are designed for people who have more than one car in the family
  • When it comes to renewal time, instead of having to keep track of different policies in different places, they all renew together under one policy at the same time
  • If you have children that have left home or are at university, they could be included in the policy as well
  • You receive a further discount with each car you bring to the policy (up to a maximum of 5). So if you start the policy with 2 cars and then introduce a 3rd car, the first and second car will have a discount applied to them as well as the third car
  • You can add cars to the policy throughout the year as their current renewal runs out

Who is eligible for a multi-car policy?

In short, if there is more than 1 car in your household or family, then you're likely to be eligible, here are some examples of people who could get a quote;

  • A couple living together with 2 or more cars
  • Family home with more than 1 car
  • A family who have children living away (but still UK residents) where the children have their own car
  • A couple who live at different addresses but each have a car

You can get quotes for each car individually here at, or you can go directly to Admiral and get a multi-car insurance quote.

Why Admiral multi-car insurance?

You can insure up to five cars on one policy, so you can add your mother, brother, friend or even your auntie!

When you get a quote for a multi-car policy, make sure to have the details of all the cars you'd like to add as well as their renewal dates. They'll be able to include any cars you plan to bring to the policy during the first year in the quote.

If you're not sure you're ready for a multi-car policy, as all the cars renewing together could make for an expensive month, then consider comparing individual quotes to see what your options are.

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