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Audi have a large range of vehicles, so it can be quite difficult to predict potential insurance costs without taking a deeper look into the variables. Insurers will rate on a number of characteristics of the vehicle (as well as many based on you), including engine size, replacement parts cost, number of seats and value – these are known as rating factors.

To help you understand where your Audi lies in comparison to others in the range, in the tables below we’ve put together some information on Audi’s current range of vehicles, and some of their various specifications.

  • The Association of British insurers allocate vehicles insurance groups based on the above factors, and many more - you can find more information on group allocation
  • The groups are numbered 1-50, with the lower numbers generally being cheaper to insure, and the higher, generally more expensive
  • Insurers will generally charge higher premiums for cars with larger, more powerful engines or higher values, because of the greater risk they pose to the insurer

Using the information below you can get a snapshot of some of the main factors of each vehicle in Audi’s range, that will contribute to insurance cost, as well as their tax bracket range. For more information, you might want to look at our collection of guides and articles, including how premiums are calculated;

If you want to find out more about potential running and premium costs for your car, we have dozens of useful guides and articles available, including information on comparing policies.

Audi A1

The A1 fills the role of supermini and more, seeming to have something for everyone, with an engine range that goes from the modest 1.2 SE, right up to the 2.0 S Line.

If economy is paramount to you, the hatchback SE 1.2 or 1.6 models could be perfect with low group ratings and tax bands of A – C.

Hatchback (10 On) Engine Capacity Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Se 1.4-2.0 16-22 A-D
Amplified Edition 1.4-2.0 16-22 A-D
Sport 1.2-2.0 9-21 A-D
Competition Line 1.4-1.6 15-16 A-D
Contrast Edition 1.2-2.0 9-28 A-E
Black Edition 1.4-2.0 21.28 B-E

Sportback (12 On) Engine Capacity Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Se 1.2-1.6 9-14 A-C
Amplified Edition 1.4-2.0 16-22 A-D
Sport 1.2-2.0 9-21 A-D
S Line 1.2-2.0 9-28 A-E
Black Edition 1.4 22-29 B-E

Audi A3

With A3’s to suit so many tastes, it’s difficult to restrict them to a single category – you can get the economical 1.2 hatchback (cheap to insure and tax), or the muscular RS3 Sportback, which is neither (but is a hot hatch with 340bhp!).

Specification Engine Capacity Group ratings* Tax Bracket Range
A3 (93-03) 1.6-1.9 21-35 E-K
Cabriolet (08 on) 1.2-2.0 17-31 C-I
 Hatchback (03-12) 1.2-2.0 14-36 A-L
RS3 Sportback (11 on) 2.5 42  K
Sportback (04-13) 1.2-3.2 14-32 B-L
Sportback (13 on) 1.4-2.0 15-24 A-D

Audi A4

The current A4 range has options to suit the economy-minded, such as the 1.8 Saloon, as well as those seeking a particularly powerful and top end driving experience, such as the RS4 Avant.

Specification Engine Capacity Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Allroad (09-on) 2.0-3.0 26-33 G-J
Avant (08-on 1.8-3.2 18-34 C-K
RS4 Avant  4.2 41 L
 Saloon 1.8-3.2 19-34 C-K

Audi A5

The A5 is also available with a wide range of engine options, ranging from the 1.8 Sportback to the 4.2 litre RS5, which when combined with the multitude of safety features available, means the A5 can fall into a broad range of groups.


Specification Engine Capacity Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Cabriolet (09 on) 1.8-3.2 26-40 D-K
Coupe (07- on) 1.8-3.2 25-35 C-K
Rs5 (10 on) 4.2 44-47 L
 Sportback 1.8-3.2 22-35 C-K

Audi A6

The A6 is an executive car that has been on our roads since 1995, and is currently in its fourth generation.

Looking at the different generations of A6 is a great way to see how Audi’s styling has evolved with the times whilst their penchant for quality engineering has remained.


Specification Engine Capacity Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Allroad (12-on) 3.0 31.41 G-K
Avant (11-on 2.0-3.0 26-39 E-J
RS4 Avant (13 on) 4.0 48 L
 Saloon 2.0-3.0 26-39 D-J

Audi A7

The A7 has far fewer options in terms of styles and engines than other lines, making its potential range of insurance groups smaller.

You should note that any additional extras and non-standard items you purchase may not be included in this rating and should be declared to your insurer to ensure they are properly covered.

Specification Engine Capacity Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
A7 Sportback 2.8-3.0 34-42 E-J
S7 Sportback 4.0 43-44 K

Audi A8

With engine options from 2.8 to 6.3 litres, the A8 is at the top end of the range, which as you'd expect, can mean higher running and insurance costs.

Tax bands and group ratings for the A8 are typically higher than other vehicles in the range, which means that comparing policies, protection and prices is important in ensuring you have all the cover you need at the right price, and that’s where can help.

Specification Engine Capacity Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
A8 (94-02) 2.8-4.2 43-46 K-M
S8 (06-11) 5.2 48 M
S8 (12 on) 4.0 50 L
 Saloon (03-11) 2.8-6.0 40-50 J-M
 Saloon (12 on) 2.0-6.3 40 F-M

Audi Q3

The Q3 is a small crossover SUV in the same mould as the Nissan Qashqai or the Range Rover Evoque – ideal for people that require the practicality of an off-road car, but don’t really need to go off-road.

This means that whilst it has the look of a sporty 4x4, Audi have reined in the engine power and focused more on comfort and style, producing a large, practical car that isn’t too thirsty on fuel. This makes crossovers typically cheaper to insure and run than normal 4x4s.

Specification Engine Capacity Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Se 2.0 18-25 E-I
S-Line 2.0 18-25 E-I

Audi Q5

With a choice of three petrol and two diesel engines, there isn’t the same range that you’d find with many of the vehicles in Audi’s range, though there is enough scope for most to find the right package.

Mid-range group ratings and tax bands make this a large, tech-loaded, high-end SUV, without costing a fortune to keep on the road.

Specification Engine Capacity Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Standard Trim 2.0 22-28 G-J
SE 2.0-3.2 21-34 G-K
SQ5 3.0 41 I
S Line 2.0-3.2 20-34 G-K
 S Line Special 2.0-3.2 22-32 G-K
 S Line Plus 2.0-3.2 21-35 G-K

Audi Q7

If you’ve splashed out on a luxury SUV like the Q7, you’ll want to make sure you have the right cover in place protecting it. With engine options ranging from 3.0 to 6.0 litres, the premium and cover you get is going to depend a lot on the specific Q7 model you own. 

Specification Engine Capacity Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Standard Trim 3.0-6.0 35-50 J-M
Se 3.0-4.2 35-47 J-M
Limited edition 3.0-4.2 38-43 M
S Line 3.0-4.2 37-46 J-L

Audi R8

Being a supercar, with engine options starting at 4.2 litres, the R8 doesn’t fall into a particularly broad range of insurance groups or tax bands.

A high value and powerful engine have led insurers to consider it a hefty risk and as such, all models across the R8 range fall into groups rated 48 to 50 only.
Specification Engine Capacity Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Coupe (07 on) 4.2-5.2 48-50 M
Coupe Plus (07 on) 5.2 50 m
Gt Coupe (11-12) 5.2 50 M
Gt Spyder 5.2 50 M
Spyder  4.2-5.2 50 M

Audi TT

As you'd expect from a top-of-the-range sports car, saving money on insurance was not a priority during design. While the TT does fall into a wide range of insurance groups and tax brackets, they tend to be toward the more expensive end of the scale.


Coupe (99-Present) Engine Capacity Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Standard Trim 1.8-3.2 32-40 E-L
Sport 1.8-2.0 30-38 E-K
TTS 2.0-3.2
36-38 I-L
S Line 1.8-3.2 30-36 E-L
 Black edition 2.0 31-34 E-H
LE  1.8 37 K

Roadster (99-Present) Engine Capacity Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Standard Trim 1.8-3.2 31-40 G-M
Sport 1.8-2.0 31-34 F-H
TTS 2.0 38-39 I-J
S-Line 1.8-3.2 31-36 F-L
Black edition  2.0 32-36 F-H

Rs (09-Present) Engine Capacity Group Ratings* Tax Bracket Range
Standard Trim 2.5 40-41 J-K
Plus 2.5 40-41 J-k
*Information sourced from Audi and

Did you know?

In 2009, Audi celebrated their 100th anniversary as a leading manufacturer of luxury cars. They strive to be the number one premium car brand in the UK by 2015, which they hope to achieve by designing the sportiest, most progressive and sophisticated cars on the market. These are qualities regularly associated with their cars, which have a reputation for their unique style and leading technologies.

  • The company name is based on the surname of the Founder, August Horch, “Horch” meaning “listen”, which becomes “Audi” when translated into Latin.
  • The four rings that make up Audi’s logo represent each of the four car companies that banded together to create the group

Audi have cemented their position in the top 3 luxury German automakers with their recent years of success, and the growing popularity of models such as the TT testify to Audi’s unique appeal. If you own or are considering buying one, why not take a few minutes to complete our quick form and compare dozens of insurers in minutes. We’ll compare our panel of trusted providers and get our best quotes straight to you.

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