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Please note: This press release was published on 22 August 2012. Please go to our MotorMate by page to find out about the latest release.

- launches new MotorMate app -

  • Easy to use mobile phone app that monitors driving behaviour and rewards good drivers
  • Drive 20 miles: Users will receive a complimentary in-car cradle and charger for their mobile phone1
  • Drive 250 miles: Users will receive £25 cashback2
  • If users of the app buy a motor insurance policy through they will receive a further £25 cashback3
  • The app is free to download from Google Play and Apple's App Store4

The thought of having a telematics device fitted to their car may worry some drivers5, however has come up with a solution: the ' MotorMate' driving app. MotorMate is the new easy-to-use driving app that shows people how good a driver they are at the touch of a button, whilst earning rewards.

The app mirrors in-car telematics technology which is where a black box is fitted to a car monitoring driving performance and potentially allowing good drivers to benefit from cheaper car insurance premiums.

The MotorMate app itself, allows drivers who are interested in telematics but are unsure about installing a little black box in their car, to “try before you buy.”

The app has been developed in an exclusive partnership6 with MyDrive Solutions, the pre-eminent driver behavioural profiling company in the insurance telematics industry, and  RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), to deliver an app that allows drivers to earn real rewards and understand how good a driver they are compared with expert RoSPA drivers, who represent the gold standard for safe driving.

The app is free to download from Google Play and Apple’s App Store and uses innovative mobile phone technology which is already available in Android and iPhones. The operating systems for the app are Android version 2.3 or later and iPhone 4 or later versions. MotorMate - Watch our unique introductory video here MotorMate monitors and scores a driver based on the following criteria:

  • Number of journeys made
  • Distances travelled
  • Types of roads used
  • Speed
  • Time of travel
  • Levels of acceleration and braking
The driving behaviour of the app user is monitored through the driver’s GPS on their mobile phone and benefits from not being reliant on the mobile phone network, so drivers needn’t worry about driving through a black spot and losing coverage.

The app monitors driving behaviour every second and also filters the quality of the GPS data ensuring the driver gets the most accurate evaluation of their driving behaviour. For example, if a driver is moving slowly through congestion, the app will not mark down the driver for driving too slowly, it will recognise the location and traffic build-up and will filter this from the final score, ensuring the driver score is accurate.
Five Star driving rating chart
The MotorMate app also has a unique heartbeat functionality where once the app is turned on, it will check in with the phone holder every day to communicate that it is working properly and to ensure that all data is being recorded on every trip - rather impressive for an app on a mobile phone.

All individual driving trips made using the app are scored out of 5 stars based on the user’s anticipation of the road, braking, acceleration, and driving at a sensible speed. Feedback on a driver’s behavior will usually be given 10 minutes after the journey has ended (subject to network coverage). An overall ' MotorMark' is given after the user has driven 250 miles in total (this doesn’t have to be during one journey - it can be a multiple of journeys). Their ‘ MotorMark' score will be out of 100 - 100 being an expert driver and 20 being a driver who really needs improvement! MotorMark Scoring System MotorMark scoring system illustration
The MotorMark score is a reflection of how the user drives overall; taking into account factors such as anticipation, pace, acceleration, braking and cornering and gives a more thorough understanding of the driver’s behavior. The overall score also benchmarks the user's driving score with that of an advanced RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) driver..

An appy driver is a happy driver!
Being a safe driver is its own reward but we can all improve and the MotorMate app allows users to do just that by monitoring their own driving scores and trying to improve on them. At the same time, app users can also pick up rewards. By downloading and using the app to hit certain distances, users will be rewarded with the following:

  • Drive 20 miles: Users will receive a complimentary in-car cradle and charger for their mobile phone.
  • Drive 250 miles: Users will receive £25 cashback. 
  • If users of the app buy a motor insurance policy through they will receive a further £25 cashback. Motor Mate aims to encourage people to think about their driving behaviours and how to improve and become a safer driver. The app defines a good driver as someone who drives at an appropriate speed for the road and takes into account the conditions of the road. It also requires good levels of anticipation in relation to other drivers when in traffic, and not driving aggressively, all factors that are monitored through the GPS system on drivers’ mobile phones. Happily, there is also a very close correlation between safe driving and fuel consumption, with better drivers enjoying up to 15% better consumption than less good drivers.

Room for improvement … MotorMate will allow drivers to look at their driving patterns by reviewing their driving score, and seeing where there’s room for improvement. By using the app as a monitoring tool, drivers should increase their driving score over time, making them a safer driver in the process and making our roads even safer.

In fact, as users of the app become safer drivers, they could reduce their car insurance costs as being a safer driver should reduce the risk of being involved in an accident, which means less claims and potentially cheaper car insurance premiums. In fact, this is just how a telematics policy works in real life, and those who opt for a telematics policy, will ultimately be rewarded for being a good driver.

Linden Holliday, CEO at MyDrive, says: “We are very pleased to be working with on this project. Driving capability is a complex mix of cognitive and personality traits as well as skill and competence. Through our exclusive relationship with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), we embed real knowledge of safe driving into our solutions to accurately profile driver behaviour.”

Holliday says: “The app we have developed with monitors driver performance and helps them become safer by providing specific and individual advice. The system works by monitoring the phone’s GPS each second, continuously checking for smooth and careful driving. By helping drivers become safer, Confused and MyDrive can help lower the cost of car insurance for these drivers.”

Joanne Garcia, Head of Emerging Products at, continues: “The launch of our new MotorMate app forms part of the on-going strategy of, which is saving our customers money and this app does this by rewarding good drivers. By working with MyDrive and RoSPA, we are providing customers with an abundance of expertise on road safety and how to become a safer driver.”

“As well as helping drivers become safer drivers, the MotorMate app allows customers to try the telematics experience before having to commit. The app allows us to reward our customers for being good drivers and gives them a realistic driving score out of 100. By using the app drivers can really understand how they drive and over time they can improve on their driving skills, making them a safer driver and hopefully making our roads safer too.

The future of the app… MotorMate will continue to illustrate people’s driving behaviours, and with future development, the app will include an online dashboard offering a detailed view of trips taken and driving prowess. The app will also allow social media integration, whereby drivers with the app can show off their scores by posting to their Twitter and Facebook accounts. This allows them to compare their driving performance with friends, making safe driving a social conversation.

The MotorMate app is available to download from Google Play from 22 August. The app is also available to download from the Apple store at the end of August. For more information please visit 


Notes to editors:

1 The offer to claim a cradle and phone charger is only available until 31st October 2012. Each reward will only be allocated to one person per household

2 The offer to claim £25 after driving 250 miles using the app is only available until 31st October 2012. Each reward will only be allocated to one person per household

3 The offer to get £25 cashback on a car insurance policy is available for purchases before 31st July 2013

4 The MotorMate app is available to download from Google Play from 22 August. The app is also available to download from the Apple store at the end of August. For more information please visit For more information please visit &

6 Relationship is exclusive in the insurance aggregator market

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