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Why choose black box car insurance?

Hi there. I'm Louise Thomas - Confused.com's Motor insurance expert.

Why choose black box car insurance?

Ok interesting, let's open up that black box !

Firstly, black box insurance can help high-risk drivers, like those under 25 or with driving convictions, reduce insurance costs. It rewards safe driving, enabling good drivers to prove they're low risk and benefit from cheaper insurance.

Secondly, if your car is stolen, your black box could help track it, as it sends location data to your insurance provider. But, note this applies only to permanent, fixed black boxes, not app-based policies.

Thirdly, your black box monitors your speed, braking, and cornering, which can be useful to determine fault in case of a crash.

Lastly, many black box policies provide driving improvement tips. For new drivers, this can be a great way to hone skills and earn a discount at your next renewal.

So, while it might not be for everyone, black box insurance could start saving you money. Happy driving!

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