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Declare your motorbike off the road or keep it insured?

Sports bike
Insurance law means motorbikes must be insured at all times, or declared off the road. Which works for you?  Read More…

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Top tips for a successful tour of the continent.  Read More…

The benefits of biking

Why two wheels are better than four.  Read More…

Buying a second-hand motorbike

Sports bike
Bikers trying to tighten the financial belt may look to save money with a second-hand model.  Read More…

How older bikers can keep insurance premiums down

Classic motorbike
Insurers increasingly offer special policies aimed at older riders.  Read More…

Campaigners opposed to helmets for bikers & cyclists

Motorcyclists wearing helmets

Surprisingly, many motorbike riders and cycling groups are against mandatory helmets - but for quite different reasons. Chris Torney investigates.

  Read More…

What would make you give up biking?

Man riding a classic motorbike
For motoring journalist Tim Barnes-Clay it was being involved in a crash and having children.  Read More…

Learning how to ride a moped or motorbike

Woman with bike helmet
Thinking of getting your moped or bike licence? Here's some tips to help get you started  Read More…

Switch to a scooter to slash insurance costs

As premiums for young drivers go through the roof, more and more of them are turning to scooters.  Read More…

Use your head when buying a motorbike helmet

Woman with bike helmet
Choosing a helmet is not just about finding one that matches your leathers or makes you look like Valentino Rossi.  Read More…

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