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What is telematics insurance?

Telematics insurance policies offer a personalised price for your car insurance based on when and how YOU drive, instead of paying for insurance based on the average driver. Also known as black box or smart box insurance, if you’re willing to prove that you’re a safe driver you could pay less for your cover with a telematics car insurance policy.

By fitting a small box in your car, insurers will be able to monitor your driving (things like braking, cornering, speed and miles/time of day you drive), and offer premiums based on your driving habits, rather than average trends.

Telematics explained

Telematics insurance could save you money

Telematics is great for anyone who wants to take control of their insurance costs. If you’re unlucky enough to fall into a group which insurers deem ‘high risk’, you’ll likely be looking at above-average insurance premiums. Telematics is especially good for those in high risk groups such as:

  • Young drivers
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Less frequent drivers with a low annual mileage

In our quarterly car insurance price index, we look into how average premiums for drivers across the UK have changed, and which groups have seen the biggest changes.

Young and new drivers often pay higher insurance premiums because they are perceived as a greater risk to insurance companies and this is where telematics insurance policies can help you take control of your premium, basing your price on how you drive rather than the average driver.

You can find more information on how telematics insurance works in our guide, telematics explained.

Need more information on telematics insurance?

With more and more drivers looking for ways to save on car insurance, telematics policies are increasingly becoming a hit with young and high-risk drivers fed up with high premiums.

The telematics device, also known as a 'black box', is fitted to your car by your insurer after you’ve purchased a policy, and usually takes around an hour to fit. The box itself is about the size of an average mobile phone, and is normally installed out of sight beneath the dash or bonnet.

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Once installed, the box monitors your driving times, habits and behaviours using GPS, and sends various bits of information back to your insurer, which may include the following:

  • Your location
  • Your acceleration
  • Your braking
  • Your cornering

Insurers then use this information to gauge your driving ability, and adjust the premium you should pay.

You can find lots more information about how these policies work in our telematics FAQ's. We've also put together a comprehensive guide to black box insurance which should answer any questions you still have.

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