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Telematics car insurance

What is telematics insurance?

telematics or blackbox insurance logoTelematics insurance policies offer a personalised price for car insurance based on when and how YOU drive, instead of paying for insurance based on the average driver. These policies are also known as black box or smart box insurance. If you’re willing to prove that you’re a safe driver you could pay less for your cover with a telematics car insurance policy.

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Also known as black box or smart box insurance, telematics policies offer personalised insurance based on when and how YOU drive. To find out more about the technology read our telematics guide

How does telematics work?

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All you need to do is fit a ‘black box’ into your car. By tracking your vehicle’s movements through GPS systems, your insurer can see how well you drive. It’s a lot less ‘big brother’ than it sounds and the information you provide through the 'black box' could save you money on your premiums in the long run.

Telematics insurance could save you money

Telematics is great for anyone who wants to take control of their insurance costs. If you’re unlucky enough to fall into one of the high risk groups, you’ll likely be looking at high premiums to insure your car. Telematics is especially good for those in high risk groups such as:

  • Young drivers
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Less frequent drivers with a low annual mileage

If you fall into one of these groups telematics insurance could help you pay cheaper premiums, but it's great for anyone who's a safe driver.

How to find a telematics policy

Simply compare car insurance using our simple online form and we'll find the cheapest quotes for you from our large panel motor providers.

Look for insurers who offer telematics 'blackbox' policies in your list of results.

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