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Tips for getting the most from the app

We want you to get the best out of MotorMate by So here are our tips for enhancing your experience.

Starting off

When you log in to the app for the very first time, it's best to use Wi-Fi. You can log in using your regular account details. You only have to log in once after installing the app. Each time you open the app thereafter, you'll already be logged in. The only time you'll have to manually log in again is if you change you phone or device.

Your device

MotorMate by is reliant on a good GPS signal. So the best thing to do with your device is to put it in a cradle. At very least make sure it can "see" the sky. Don't just turn it on and chuck it in the glove box.

Some devices are better at getting a GPS signal than others. As a rule of thumb: the newer the phone, the better the signal is likely to be. However, this isn’t always the case. You can consult your device’s documentation to find out how good its GPS is. Or ask the internet.

Using the app

It’s best to start a trip where your last one left off. Why? Well, linking your trips is important to your overall score. This is because – if there’s continuity across trips – it shows you’re diligently recording all your journeys. If you’re not doing this, the app assumes that you’re cherry-picking your best journeys. Don’t forget, MotorMate by is designed to assess your driving ability as a whole.

Your driving

The app measures how smooth your driving is, and how calm it is. It also scores your anticipation, and your pacing. So these general rules apply:

  • Try and avoid hard braking. Sometimes it can’t be helped (such as in the case of emergency stops); but try and keep hammering down on the brakes to a minimum. But one or two instances per trip won't ruin your score.

  • Accelerate progressively. Slamming your foot to the floor won’t get you a high score.

  • Stick to the speed limits. It will not help your score to drive over the limits.

  • Likewise, try not to drive too slowly. Be mindful of your environment – sometimes driving too slowly is as inappropriate as driving quickly.

  • In general, we think driving well is synonymous with driving safely. Being a safe driver is what’s going to get you the best score.


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