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How do you compare to a RoSPA driver?

Our scoring system compares your driving behaviour to that of a ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) gold-standard driver.

MotorMate by gets a second-by-second update of your car’s location using GPS. And then plots it against a map. By doing this, we can score your driving realistically – based on the surroundings you find yourself in.

Are you up to the challenge of driving to such a high standard? If so, you want to rack up a high Score.

Your Score MotorMate

The overall score given to you by the app is your Score. This is a score out of 100, which is partly based on your Medals (see below), but is also a reflection of your driving as a whole.

We want to build a picture of your ability given a variety of different driving situations. As such, you won’t be given your Score until after you’ve clocked up 200 recorded miles. 

Your medals

Motormate medals

For each journey you'll be awarded a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal; where gold is the best performance, and bronze could do with some extra work.

This is calculated by taking Trip Events into account – such as instances of harsh braking, speeding, or rapid acceleration. But it’s also an overview of your performance as a whole during the trip in question.

Other important things to bear in mind

Here are some other important facts related to your Score:

  • The higher your Score, the greater the discount you could get on your car insurance.

  • However ALL MotorMate by users can get discounts - not just the high-scoring high flyers!

  • Your Score is more than just a tally of your Medals. There are other important factors. Continuity is one, for example. It's better for your score if one trip starts where the previous one left off. This helps us know that you’re using MotorMate by as much as possible – not just when you think you’re likely to get a Gold Medal.

  • Don't feel you have to plod along at low speeds to be a safe driver. Sometimes, driving too slowly is as unsafe as driving quickly.

  • We want you to get the best out of MotorMate by So here are our tips for enhancing your experience.


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