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15 Jun 2018
Adam Jolley Adam Jolley

13 people who don't like Audi drivers


Let's face it, Audi drivers have a bit of a bad reputation among other road users. But why?

Angry driver

1. Is it an attitude thing?

2.  Or perhaps it's their impractical fashion sense?

3. This certainly won't win you many friends on the road.

4. But maybe other road users are not aware of the pecking order?

5. Perhaps personal hygiene issues are to blame?

6. Or is it this guy's dad?

7. This pesky parker isn't helping things:

8. ...nor this one:

Bad Audi drivers - 2

9. But with cars like this...

Bad Audi drivers - 3

10. ...can you blame Audi drivers for occasionally showing off?

Bad Audi drivers - 4

11. Like, really showing off.

12. As we're all just jealous anyway.

First published 11 December 2015


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