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Do I need touring caravan insurance?

No - it's not a legal requirement, but having a policy in place can take some of the stress out of caravanning.

Your car insurance policy might provide third-party cover to tow a caravan. So, if you're involved in an accident, claims from third parties for injury or damage to their property are covered. But, it doesn't cover any damage to the caravan itself.

Your home contents insurance might also cover certain items like camping equipment if they're specified on your policy. But it doesn't cover any other items you keep in your caravan, such as permanent fixtures or electrical goods.

Theft is a major risk to consider with touring caravans because, if left unsecured, they could be towed away by another vehicle. Caravan thefts increased 7% between 2021 and 2022, and only 11% of those stolen were recovered.

What does touring caravan insurance cover?


Your policy could cover:

  • Theft, so you're covered if your caravan is stolen while it's detached from your car
  • Internal damage, in case your caravan is damaged by a flood or fire
  • External damage while towing or parked, to protect your caravan from malicious damage or storm damage
  • Stolen contents covers anything you keep in your caravan if they're stolen or damaged by attempted theft
  • Third-party liability covers you if an accident you're involved in while towing your caravan causes injury to a third party or damages their property

Your policy is unlikely to cover:

  • Damage or theft that occurs when your caravan is unattended with the windows or door left open
  • Damage or theft if your touring caravan is unhitched without a wheel clamp
  • Everyday wear and tear
  • Damage caused by mildew or an insect infestation
  • Theft if your caravan isn't stored in a location approved by your insurer

What type of caravan insurance should I get?

There are 2 levels of touring caravan insurance to choose from. The one you choose depends on the amount of cover you need.

  • New for old lets you claim for a brand new tourer caravan if yours is stolen or written off following an accident. This type of cover also protects any belongings kept in your caravan.
  • Market value pays out following theft or an accident, but the amount you get is limited to the current market value of your caravan. So, if you want to replace your caravan following a write off, you might need to pay some of the cost. This usually makes this the cheaper option.

What affects the price of touring caravan insurance?

The price you pay for caravan insurance depends on several factors:

  • The value of your caravan. The more your caravan is worth, the more it costs to replace if it's damaged beyond repair.
  • Where you store it when not in use. Storing your caravan at an approved site with 24-hour security can lower the risk of theft. This reduces your risk to insurers.
  • Any safety features you've added, such as anti-snake devices, stabilisers and tyre pressure monitoring systems. These features can help reduce the risk of getting into a serious incident, reducing your chances of needing to make a big claim.
  • Any security features you've added, like a wheel clamp, security post or hitchlock. Added security features make your caravan harder to steal.
  • Where you live. Living in an area with high crime rates means your caravan is at higher risk of malicious damage or theft. This means you could see higher insurance prices.
  • The type of cover you select. New for old insurance typically provides a higher pay out, so costs more than market value insurance.

How can I get cheaper caravan insurance?

Here are some ways to cut the cost of your touring caravan insurance:

  • Pay annually rather than in monthly instalments. Insurers add interest to your overall cost when you pay monthly. So, it almost always works out cheaper to pay annually if you can.
  • Choose a higher voluntary excess. This is the amount you pay towards any claims. Typically, the higher your excess, the less your insurance costs.
  • Register your tourer caravan with the Central Registration & Identification System (CRiS). Some providers only offer cover if your caravan is registered. So, registering it can increase the number of quotes you see and improve your chances of getting a better deal.
  • Use security/tagging identification for your caravan. This helps identify your caravan if it's stolen, increasing the chances of it being recovered.
  • Join a caravan club such as the Camping and Caravan Club or the Caravan and Motorhome Club. Some insurers offer a discount if you're part of a caravan club.
  • Store your tourer caravan in a secure location when not in use. This makes it more difficult for thieves to steal.

Compare cheap quotes for your touring caravan

How do I compare quotes?

When you get a touring caravan insurance quote we just need some details about you, your tourer caravan and the cover you're looking for:

Your details:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your occupation
  • Where you live
  • When you passed your driving test
  • If you've passed an approved driving course
  • Your driving record

Your caravan:

  • The type of caravan you have
  • The manufacturer, model and age
  • What you use the caravan for
  • Any added security features
  • The condition of your caravan
  • How often you tow your caravan
  • Where you store the caravan when not in use and the security features at this location

The cover you need:

  • The type of cover you want and any optional extras you want to add
  • When you want the cover to start
  • The level of voluntary excess
  • The current market value of your caravan
  • If you want to pay annually or in monthly instalments
  • Details of any previous claims or convictions

What our caravan insurance expert says

"With the rising cost of living, it might be easy to overlook the importance of insuring your touring caravan. And you might decide to rely on your car or home insurance to cover third parties and your belongings. But touring caravans are attractive to thieves, and they're expensive to repair or replace. So, having an insurance policy means you don't have to pay for expensive repairs yourself. Comparing quotes is the easiest way to see if there are better deals out there."

Louise Thomas, Motor Insurance Expert at
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What optional add-ons can I include on my insurance policy?

Breakdown cover, to recover your caravan if you break down during a journey. This is normally available at different levels, so it's worth checking policy details before you buy.

EU cover, so you can tow your caravan in the EU. This cover normally lasts for 30-90 days, depending on your policy.

Legal assistance cover, which can help cover any costs associated with legal disputes involving your caravan.

Does touring caravan insurance cover motorhomes or campervans?

No - motorhomes and campervans have their own engines and are driven separately. So, if you have a motorhome or campervan, you need to get a specific insurance policy to drive it. It's illegal to drive a campervan or motorhome without the right insurance.

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