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18 Jan 2018
Jamie Gibbs Alice Campion

9 weird images on Google Street View that will freak you out


Street View captures some strange things. From ghosts to Garth and Wayne, we’ve found 9 of the weirdest.

google car

 1.Horsing around in Aberdeen

Horse man on street view

Hardgate? More like Horsegate.

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2.The Village People have changed, haven’t they?

Gang on street view

The scream mask is very creepy. 

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3.Maybe their homing instincts aren’t so good? 

pigeons on street view

Hopefully they can get back home using Google Maps.

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4.What’s this person up to?

Man wearing a gas mask on street view

I’m sure the driver put their foot down after seeing this guy. 

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man on street view

I wonder if he knows his long lost twin is just feet away. 

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6.Seagull party

group of birds on google street view

Could be a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

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 7.‘Google car!’

Wayne and Garth street view

...‘Play on!’

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8.A creepy guest

ghost on street view

Could it be a ghost? Or just a publicity stunt? 

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9.Perfect time for a Segway

Segway group on street view

...into some segways.

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Bonus: This guy trying to cool off

Practical and versatile, these trousers are an unsung fashion hero.

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