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Matt Ayres

10 people who should’ve bought a van


You’re gonna need a bigger car.

overloaded car

When you’ve tried every luggage-loading combo and space-saving strategy in the book, you’re faced with two choices: bring less, or get a van.

Unfortunately, a handful of drivers seem to have missed the memo. Here are some examples of overambitious road users who REALLY should have opted for a larger vehicle.

That feeling when you can’t decide what to bring on holiday.

overloaded car

The monkey who owns this car is going to have some issues driving it home.

bananas in car

If you plan on hauling around that many Christmas trees, you should probably get a van.

too much for the car

Imagine being stuck behind this joker on the motorway.

overloaded car

This guy definitely cheated on his hazard perception test.

wooden planks in car

Quit horsing around in that car.

horse in car

Not sure that’s the best vehicle for safely transporting your model ship, sir.

ship on a bike

Got a bit carried away at the cash and carry, did we?

shopping in car

The little car that couldn’t.

overloaded car

Last but not least: the paw-fect reason to invest in a van.

dogs in car


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