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Adam Jolley

Driving to work: school holidays versus term time


When schools out, it can mean only one thing - no cars on the road in the morning! Here's how the commute compares.

School holidays: There’s no traffic, so just a little longer in bed won’t hurt.

Kirsten Dunst in bed

Source: Marie Antoinette. © 2005 I Want Candy, LLC

Term time: Get up! Get up! Get up!

Alarm waking Donald Duck

School holidays: You get in the car and it's just you and the open road.

Walter Mitty skateboarding

Source: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. © 2013 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Term time: The traffic is building already and you start to hate mankind.

Crowd of people

School holidays: Perhaps this commuting thing isn't so bad after all.

Having fun in car

Source: Music video by Aerosmith performing Crazy. © 1994 Geffen Records

Term time: You get stuck and start to become a little impatient.

Traffic jam

... like, really impatient.

Crazy driver

School holidays: You smile politely to your fellow commuters.

Road trip

Source: The Hangover. © IFP Westcoast Erste GmbH & Co. KG

Term time: A driver tries to cut in front of you.

Gandalf Lord of the Rings

Source: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. © New Line Productions, Inc. Warner Bros.

School holidays: Time to stop for coffee?

Bill Murray drinking coffee

Source: Coffee and Cigarettes. © Smokescreen Inc. 2003

Term time: You spot a gap in the traffic and go for it.

Minions in a fast car

Source: Minions. Universal Pictures (2015)

School holidays: And relax, you're almost there.

Feet up in car

Term time: You're definitely going to be late.

Car skidding

Source: Bridesmaids. © 2011 Universal Studios

School holidays: You arrive early and enjoy some peace and quiet before your colleagues arrive.

Homer Simpson eating donut

Term time: You frantically search the car park for a space.

Crazy fireman driving

.. you'll be lucky to make it in before your boss at this rate.

Penguin running

School holidays: And it's home time. No school run today.

Office high five

Term time: You realise it's a Friday so the traffic will be extra bad.


*Disclaimer. does not endorse dangerous driving, even if the traffic during term time can be a little infuriating. Stay safe folks!

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