Motorbike insurance FAQs

What do the different levels of cover mean?

There are three main levels of cover available with motorbike insurance:

  • third-party only
  • third-party, fire & theft
  • fully comprehensive

They work the same way as they do with a car insurance policy, with the level of protection and cover increasing across each. You can read more in our guide to levels of cover.

Can I transfer my car's no-claims bonus to my bike?

Some insurance companies will allow you to carry your car's no-claims bonus over to your motorbike policy, but the majority won't.

If in doubt, check with your insurer.

Does my insurance cover me to carry passengers?

Often referred to as pillion cover, this will depend on the policy you buy. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of your cover before carrying any passengers.

You’ll also need to check your licence allows you to carry passengers.

How do the motorbike licence grades work?

Motorbike licence grades are similar to how driving licences are given categories that let you drive different vehicles, eg cars, buses and trucks. Your motorbike licence will only entitle you to ride certain bikes.

Restrictions will normally be based on your age, riding experience, and the power of the bike. You can read more on the website or check out our own guide on getting a motorbike license.

I've entered my bike's details but I can't find it. What do I do?

New models and imported bikes can be difficult to find, and some models are listed under a slightly different name. For example, you’ll find a Piaggio under "Vespa Piaggio".

If your details are correct and you still can’t select your bike, then unfortunately we won’t be able to help you get a quote at this time. Without knowing your bike’s exact details, the prices we return could be invalid.

Why do I need both a motorcycle and car licence?

If you haven’t got a car licence, you can leave this question blank and still carry on with getting your quote.

A full UK licence allows you to drive a bike provisionally, so we need to know the date you got it if you have one.

What are the different types of motorbikes?

What are the different types of motorbike? There are six common types of motorcycle:

  • Sports bikes
  • Scooters and mopeds
  • Naked bikes
  • Custom cruisers
  • Adventure sport
  • Touring motorcycles

Check out our guide on the different types of motorbikes for more information.

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