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Adam Jolley

James Corden named the nation’s dream road-trip companion


Kim Kardashian and Jeremy Clarkson lead list of nightmare passengers.

James Corden drivingEnglish actor and TV host James Corden has topped a new list to find UK drivers’ favourite celebrity passenger.

Almost one in six drivers (17%) said the former Gavin and Stacey star turned host of CBS’s The Late Late Show would be their ideal companion for a road trip.

According to the research by, over half (52%) of UK drivers say a good in-car companion makes all the difference to a driving adventure.

Stephen Fry in second place

And it’s good conversation especially that can really help the time fly on a long drive. 

This is perhaps why comedian, actor and presenter Stephen Fry, known for his intelligence and oratory skills, was the second most popular passenger – receiving 13% of the vote. 

Jennifer Aniston (11%), former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson (11%) and superstar songstress Adele (9%) make up the rest of the top five most popular road-trip companions.

Kim Kardashian the number one 'nightmare passenger'

At the other end of the scale, Kim Kardashian has the unenviable position of being voted the nation’s nightmare road-trip companion by over a third (36%) of drivers.

Jeremy Clarkson also makes an appearance on the list of most unpopular passengers, with Boris Johnson (32%), Ricky Gervais (17%) and Cheryl Cole (17%) rounding out the bottom five.

The top and bottom five 

Here’s a full look at the five best and worst celebrity road-trip companions, as voted for by UK drivers.

1) James Corden (17%) / Kim Kardashian (36%)
2) Stephen Fry (13%) / Jeremy Clarkson (35%)
3) Jennifer Anniston (11%) / Boris Johnson (32%)
4) Jeremy Clarkson (11%) / Ricky Gervais (17%)
5) Adele (9%) / Cheryl Cole (17%)

Who's your dream driving companion?

Route 66 cartoonAmanda Stretton, motoring editor at, says: “In a twist on the traditional ‘ultimate dinner party guest list’, it’s been great fun seeing who the nation’s drivers would like to share their vehicles with. 

“The average motorist may never get to drive a car with the likes of James Corden or Kim Kardashian in the passenger seat.

"But creating a list of dream driving companions could well make a great game on the next long drive.”


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