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Most suited van types for cities


Whether you're running a one-man show or a small business, choosing the most suitable van to help you get around the city can save you time and money.


From the amount of fuel used to the chances of fitting into standard-sized parking spaces, many things must be considered before investing in a new van.

Van size matters

You might be tempted to choose a large van from the outset, especially if you suspect you'll need the capacity every now and then. 

However, this could end up working to your detriment. It's cheaper to run a small van fully loaded than it is to run a larger, half-empty van.

It could be more cost effective for you to choose a smaller van suiting your day-to-day needs, then simply hiring a large van on the occasions you need extra capacity.

What's more, if you keep your van on the compact side, you'll find it easier to get about the city - and you'll be less likely to find yourself having to take detours to reach your destination.

Will your van stay in the city?

Knowing whether your city van will also be required to make some long journeys out of town can help you make sure you choose the right van for the job. 

If you spend the majority of your time on city streets negotiating traffic, you're better off with a smaller engine, as it will help you save fuel and cut your running costs.

Popular city vans

Some popular vans for city workers and drivers include the Vauxhall Combo, Ford Connect and Ford Transit, in various sizes. 

If you're looking for a larger van, the Mercedes Sprinter could offer the extra space you need.

Built in bonuses

If you spend half your life in your van, there are some built-in bonuses you'll find yourself relying on day-in and day-out.

A built-in SatNav will save you time and money by making it easier for you to traverse the city, and the new rear-mirror-SatNav fitted in Ford Transit vans make them a tempting choice for technology fans.

Insuring your van

Once you've found the best van for your needs, you won't want to lose it. Drive carefully and make sure you're covered by a comprehensive van insurance policy - especially if you need it for your work.


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