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Rob Griffin

Drive like a boss: The 10 best executive cars ever made


Motoring journalist Rob Griffin picks out 10 of the very best executive cars ever made.

 Executive cars

The best executive cars have it all: style, comfort and plenty of power. 

If you have aspirations to be a top business bigwig, these 10 beauties will help you look and feel like a boss.

BMW 5-Series

Executive cars

In many ways this is the king of the executive cars. Hugely popular, it is available in variations costing from £30,000 to a little under £60,000. As far as handling and quality is concerned, this car really has very little in the way of serious competition.

Jaguar XF

Executive cars

Clearly Jaguar’s contender for the crown held by the BMW 5-Series, the XF has a flowing, rounded style, and comes in a range of styles costing up to £80,000. It’s easy to see why it has won a slew of awards. One of the classiest Jaguars produced for years.

Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive

 Executive cars

If you take a normal looking Porsche and feed it steroids the chances are you’ll end up with the Panamera Turbo Executive. Muscular and capable of taking you from 0-62mph in the blink of an eye – or 4.2 seconds to be accurate – it's a true sports car wearing an executive disguise.

Mercedes Benz E-Class

 Executive cars

It looks the part and is effortless to drive – smooth, responsive, quite simply a joy. You also have the kudos of driving a car adorned with the iconic three-pointed star badge. With this machine Mercedes are hoping to challenge the superiority of BMW in this area.

Audi A6

Executive cars

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the A6. It’s a solid, well-designed car that will do the job intended perfectly. Arguably not as fun as some of the executive machines but it’s reliable, dependable and still looks the part.

Maserati Ghibli

Executive cars

Now we’re talking. A beautiful executive machine that oozes class. Maserati has designs on this area of the marketplace and the Ghibli - despite its rather strange name – is a stylish and very well designed contender. As an added bonus you get to tell everyone you drive a Maserati.

Volvo S80

Executive cars

Overlooked by many people – principally because Volvos have more of a reputation for estate cars than executive machines – but the S80 should still be given serious consideration, if only for its build quality, comfort, and for not being a BMW.

Chrysler 300C

Executive cars

Big and stylish with an appealing hint of Bentley about it, this beast is the epitome of large, muscular US comfort. Despite plenty having been sold it’s still rare enough to stand out from the seemingly endless number of Mercedes and BMWs stalking the motorways.

Saab 900

Executive cars

If you’re tired of modern-looking executive machines then why not opt for something with more of a retro feel, such as the Saab 900. Pretty much timeless – thanks in no small part to the modern styling it was given on its debut in the late 1970s. It has forged a reputation for excellent handling and performance for two decades and even older models still look eye-catching today.

Mercedes 190

Executive cars

Simply a classic – and one with an important pedigree. Chosen by Mercedes to spearhead its entry into the small saloon arena and go head-to-head with BMW, no expense was spared and the net result was a reliable car that was choc-a-bloc with the latest technology.


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