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Have you ever been jealous of those who have exclusive lounge access at airports? Well, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be one of those people! Airport lounges offer a secluded getaway from crowded airport terminals.

With our airport lounge service, you can:

  • Relax with complimentary magazines and newspapers

  • Put your feet up and watch TV, or enjoy the other entertainments

  • Use business facilities and wi-fi in some lounges

Airport transit needn't be a chore

  • With regular airport visits, you’re likely to spend a few quid on food, drink, magazines and newspapers, and these costs could quickly add up to the amount you'd pay for a person to enter the airport lounge. When you put it in those terms, it seems like a no-brainer.
  • Plus, if you have children, you’ll be pleased to hear they’re welcome in many lounges. Many have gaming consoles to keep them occupied. You need never be bored or uncomfortable in an airport again.

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