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  • Ford won WhatCar’s 2013 Estate and Supermini awards
  • One of Europe and the world’s most popular car manufacturers


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Ford insurance

The first car manufacturer to introduce the assembly line, Ford is now well-known for its range of cars of all shapes and sizes, from the city friendly Ka, to the family-oriented C-max, right through to the high-powered Focus RS. 

Today, Ford’s range of cars are known for their good looks and affordable quality. Their cars appeal to people of all ages, genders and backgrounds, and can fit a variety of uses. Just four models in the Ford range (the Cortina, Escort, Fiesta and Focus) have held position 1 in the UK’s top selling new car lists since 1972, whilst simultaneously making regular appearances in ‘Top 10 used car’ lists as well.

With a range that falls into a variety of categories, from small city cars to estates, SUV’s and people carriers, the insurance premium you can expect to pay will vary from vehicle to vehicle. To help you understand the insurance and running costs you can expect from your Ford, we’ve collected some of the key statistics from their current range that will impact these areas.

  • The ABI (Association of British Insurers) allocate insurance groups to most vehicles on UK roads, which insurers typically use to help calculate premiums. Generally, the higher the ABI grouping, the higher the premium
  • Insurers also rate on a range of factors about you, your driving history, and the vehicle you are driving. Insurance groups are a good way of quickly seeing how much of a risk insurers consider a vehicle to be

Ford Model

Engine range (litres)

Typical insurance group

Tax bracket range


1.2 - 1.3

2 - 6

B - C

New Fiesta

1.0 - 1.6

3 - 17

A - E

New Fiesta ST





1.0 - 1.6

7 - 13

B - F


1.0 - 2.0

7 - 36

A - H


1.6 - 2.2

13 - 28

C - I


1.0 - 2.0

10 - 22

C - F

New Kuga

1.6 - 2.0

20 - 24

E - I


1.6 - 2.2

14 - 27

E - J


1.6 - 2.2

16 - 27

E - J

* All information sourced from the Ford website, and

We also have a large collection of articles and guides on car insurance, which you might find useful, including how car insurance premiums are calculated, and how ABI groups are allocated.

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  • Established - June 16th, 1903
  • Founder(s) - Henry Ford
  • Headquarters - Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.
  • Divisions - Ford, Lincoln, Motorcraft

Henry Ford founded his company in 1903, building the Model T for a mass market in 1908. Since then his company has gone on to build a number of equally iconic cars, famous and recognised the world over, including the Mustang, the GT40, the Fiesta, Escort, Sierra and the Transit.

Like many American car manufacturers, Ford started in Detroit and was headquartered there for many years. However, now Ford’s global HQ can be found in Dearborn, USA. It’s the fourth largest car manufacturer worldwide and owns a stake in Mazda. At one time it also owned Aston Martin.

You can find more information about how your insurance premiums are calculated by browsing our collection of articles and guides to the right, or for a better idea of what your Ford insurance is going to cost, why not run a quote with It’s quick and simple, and in just a few minutes we can compare dozens of providers and get our best quotes direct to you.