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Business car insurance

Need your car for work? Compare quotes with

  • Find car insurance to keep your business on the road 
  • Cover for when you're driving for work
  • Not sure if you need business car insurance or what it covers?  Take a look at our helpful guide

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What is a business car insurance policy?

Standard policies cover you for domestic use and commuting back and forth to work but if you use your car for more than that, you'll need to take out some form of business policy.

Getting your car covered for business use isn't as straight forward as taking out a standard social and domestic use policy, in actual fact, there are lots of different types and classes available depending on the work you do and what you're using your car for.

Examples include:

  • Business use (class 1) - Cover for the main driver in connection with their work for driving to different sites that aren't their normal place of work. A spouse may also be covered for business use but other named drivers may not be
  • Business use (class 2) - Usually covers the policyholder and a named driver for business use, although some insurers may stipulate that the two must work in the same occupation
  • Business use (class 3) - Provides cover for the transportation of light goods and some selling purposes such as door-to-door sales

Because many of these policy types can be complicated and consist of lots of different factors, it's always worth checking the terms and conditions of the policy and confirming directly with the insurer that the policy fully covers you for your business needs. 

Why might I need one?

If you use your car for work including but not limited to:

  • Regularly commuting to different locations
  • Driving lots of miles a week
  • Driving colleagues around
  • Using your car for tasks related to your work

What else should I know?

As business car insurance policies offer a different type of cover to standard social and domestic use policies, they can come with increased premiums. 

Insurers use lots of different factors to calculate the insurance price including:

  • When and where the car will be used
  • Who will be using the car
  • How many business miles the car will do
  • What the car will be used for

It might seem like a good idea to save yourself some money by not declaring you use your car for work use and just rely on a social/domestic policy, but failing to fully disclose to an insurer if you use your car for work purposes can invalidate your insurance and following an accident, make you unable to make a claim.

If you'd like more information on business car insurance, take a look at our guide.

grey avatar silhouette of person What an easy web-site. Please keep it up

Austin Nwakanma Sep 2013

baisal-abraham when I did my car insurance I got a nice deal through It was easy and saved lots of time. Many thanks

Baisal Abraham Sep 2013

Ian Hunter Simple and easy, everything ran smoothly and I would use you again.

Ian Hunter Sep 2013

Jeff-Kish Great price cheapest by a long way, although the insurance company have been difficult to contact after taking out the policy but that is no fault of

Jeff Kish Sep 2013

John-mccammon Easy to do and very efficient

John McCammon Sep 2013

kate-ferguson Realised at 0800 on renewal day that I'd not chosen a new provider! Got instant quotes and cover and saved £200 on my renewal!

Kate Ferguson Sep 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Very easy. Much better price for similar cover.

Nigel Moore Sep 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person Happy with the results of my car insurance through you. Easy to use and found me the perfect quote which made me happy.

Sian Mountain Sep 2013

stephanie-barrow This is the second time that I have used and on both occasions I have saved time & money. The process is very easy to go through and I particularly like the follow-up email with revised options just before my insurance renewal date - great prompt!

Stephanie Barrow Sep 2013

grey avatar silhouette of person saved me a lot of time to get the cheapest car insurance.

Sylvia Freeman Sep 2013

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Whilst getting a quote only takes a matter of minutes, you can help speed up the process by having a couple of bits of information at hand:

  • About you - Your name, age, the type of licence you hold and how long you've held it for
  • The car - The number plate or make and model
  • Location - The address the car will be registered to
  • Your driving history - Any motoring convictions you've picked up in the last 5 years
  • Additional drivers - Details of any additional drivers you'd like added to the policy

If you've used before you can log into your account using the email address and password you registered with. Once logged in you can retrieve or amend any previous quotes you've run. 

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