Tools & calculators

Looking for the best mortgage rate or a name for your car? We've got tools and calculators to help!

Mobile internet

Mobile data usage calculator

From 100MB to 5GB, find out just how far your mobile internet data package will get you.

Contents calculator

Contents calculator

Use our handy contents calculator to estimate the value of your contents, and make sure you have the right level of cover.

Alcohol units calculator

Alcohol unit calculator

The safest bet is to not drive if you've had any alcohol, but you can work out how many units are in your drinks here.
Mortgage calculator

Mortgage calculator

If you've got a mortgage in mind and want to know how much you'll be paying back each month, try our mortgage calculator tool.
Royal baby generator

Royal baby name generator

Try our royal baby name generator and find a blue-blooded name for your little prince or princess.
Baby name generator

Baby name generator

Need ideas and inspiration for your baby name? Use our handy baby name generator tool to help you find a perfect name for your new born.
Car insurance calculator

Car insurance price calculator

Find out the average price for car insurance for your age, sex and area. Try our car insurance price calculator.
driving emotions

Driving emotions

We all know about the effects that alcohol can have on driving, but our emotions can make a big impact too.
Car name generator

Car name generator

Get a birth certificate with your car's name. Not named your car? Our car name generator can help you out.