Travel insurance FAQs

What does single-trip insurance cover?

Single-trip insurance covers a single holiday - so your insurance lasts until you return home.

These policies usually stipulate a maximum number of days that count as one trip. So if you’re going on a particularly lengthy jaunt, check to see your trip doesn’t exceed the limit. Alternatively, you could look into backpacker insurance, which tends to cover you for longer trips.

Single-trip policies are ideal if you’re only making one trip in a year. But if you’re likely to make more than two trips in a year, then you may find taking out an annual policy is more cost-effective.

Check out our guide to single trip versus annual cover if you’d like more information.

What does an annual / multi-trip policy cover?

Annual or multi-trip policies cover you for an entire year from the policy start date.

These policies are worthwhile if you’re a frequent traveller, and as policies usually cover domestic trips, you may be a more frequent traveller than you think.

For the lowdown on single trip versus annual cover, take a look at our guide.

Do annual policies cover travel within the UK?

Most annual policies will cover travel within the UK. It’s always best to check before parting with your money though.

Check out our comparison of annual and single trip policies if you’d like to know more.

Is there a limit to the number of days I can be abroad on an annual policy?

Sometimes annual policies limit the length of overseas trips and some stipulate a maximum number of days abroad that it will cover you for during the year. So if you’re planning a lengthy journey, check the policy details before buying.

Our standard policies will cover you for up to 31 consecutive days. Backpackers insurance extends cover for longer trips, so it’s well worth comparing these policies too.

For more on annual policies versus single trip cover,take a look at our guide.

Do annual policies cover ski and snowboarding trips?

Ski and snowboard cover is included in some annual travel insurance policies - but you’re likely to be limited to a maximum number of days on the slopes each year.

Make sure you check before you buy.

What does backpacker insurance cover?

This is designed to cover you when travelling on a gap year, or for trips of a longer duration.

Many backpacker policies include cover for a greater number of activities, such as scuba diving or bungee jumping. However, there may be age restrictions.

For more on backpacker insurance, check out our guide.

What is the definition of a couple?

This is two adults who are over 18, and who live together.

What is the definition of a family?

This is at least one adult over 18, and up to nine children. The maximum number of adults in the policy definition is two.

What is the definition of an infant?

Any child under two years old on the date the policy starts is an infant.

Additional cover: winter sports

Ensure you’re fully covered when travelling on a ski or winter sports holiday. Policies tend to include equipment cover, specialist medical cover, and some include cover for piste closure.

Can I ski and snowboard off-piste?

As long as you’re accompanied by a qualified guide or instructor, you should be covered.

Additional cover: cruise

Cruise travel insurance is specifically catered for those who like to take their holidays at sea. Cover particular to these types of policies include evacuations from the ship, missed connections, and medical emergencies at sea.

Additional cover: business trips

Business travellers can get more comprehensive cover included in their policies. This can include missed connections, trip cancellation, and higher baggage cover.

Plus these policies usually cover golf clubs and other sports equipment as standard.

What is a pre-existing medical condition?

This is a health or medical condition which, on the start date of the policy, has been diagnosed, or is otherwise known about or under investigation.

Certain conditions are likely to push up the price of the policy. Pre-existing medical conditions include the following: respiratory conditions (relating to the lungs or breathing); any heart, liver, kidney, circulatory or cerebral condition; cancer for which you’ve received diagnosis or treatment within a given period of time; or any stroke or central nervous system disorder for which you’ve received treatment.

The term also applies to any in-patient treatment you have received, such as surgery or any investigation in a hospital or clinic within a given period.

How do you define a UK resident?

Travel insurance policies bought through are only available to residents of the UK. So your main home has to be in the UK, and you should be registered for UK income tax.

The UK comprises of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Is there a cooling-off period once I have bought my policy?

If your policy does not meet your needs, you can return your policy schedule to the provider within 14 days of its purchase for a refund.

On receipt of the schedule, your premium will be refunded in full provided you haven’t travelled, and don’t intend to make a claim.

Is insurance premium tax (IPT) included in the prices shown?

All travel insurance prices you see on include IPT at 20 per cent.

What is airline insolvency?

If an airline goes into insolvency before your flight, this provision will cover you for related costs you’ve already incurred prior to its departure. This applies for both inbound and outbound flights.

So if the money you’ve paid can neither be refunded by the airline, nor by other protection schemes such as ATOL, then this could be a useful safety net.

What is an excess?

This is the amount of any claim which you will pay yourself. So if your claim is for £500, but your excess is £150, then you will receive £350 of the claim from your insurer.

The amount of excess is likely to differ depending on your insurer.

Check out our guide to travel insurance if you’d like to know more.

If I take my golf clubs with me, how much are they insured for?

As part of a standard policy, you won’t normally have your golf clubs covered.

Some insurers will allow you to upgrade your policy to cover them though. Otherwise, you could check to see if they’re covered by your home insurance.

If you’d like to know more about travel insurance, take a look at our guide.

When does cancellation cover commence?

If you take out a policy which includes cancellation cover, then it applies immediately, and ends when you depart.

This is a good reason not to leave taking out a policy to the last minute.

Take a look at our guide if you’d like to know more about travel insurance.

If I have a child over 18, can they be covered on my family policy?

Any traveller over the age of eighteen is classed as an adult; if you have a family policy, you will only be able to quote for parents and children who are under the age of eighteen. Any children over this age will need to take out a separate policy.

Can I get cover for more than 30 days travel insurance?

Our standard insurance quotations are limited to up to thirty days for a single trip; if the length of your journey exceeds this, then it will automatically become an annual multi-trip policy.

Can non-UK residents get quotes?

As our insurance panel are comprised of UK-based providers, we’re not able at present to offer cover for any customers that aren’t permanently resident within the UK.

I've already started my holiday, can I get covered now?

Sadly we’re not able to offer quotations for travellers who start their trip from outside of the UK or offer quotes to extend your current policy if it expires whilst you are away.

Can I get travel insurance cover for a backpacking trip?

You can run a quote for backpacker's insurance here.

Can I get travel insurance cover for a cruise?

You can run a quote for cruise insurance here.

Can I get travel insurance if I suffer from a pre-existing medical condition?

If you have asthma, high blood pressure or heart disease you’ll understand how hard it can be to find travel insurance. But you can now compare policies that cover pre-existing medical conditions with

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