Supercar Sound Battle
Photo Story

The Ferrari arrives at the hangar.

The Ferrari in the hangar.

The Ferrari in the hangar. Sound equipment, flight boxes in the foreground.

The sound equipment, and a few refreshments to keep the crew going.

That beautiful v8 engine.

The engine, with sound engineers getting ready in the background.

Miking up the engine bay. Those red fluffy things are windshields for the microphones - we wish they looked sexier, but more important that they do the job.

Mics on the exhaust.

Recording inside the car. The mic?s in the cradle.

The engine bay, with the airstrip in the background.

We did occasionally have to come off the airstrip to allow planes to take off and land.

The Audi RS8 arrives.

The Audi waits its turn by the airstrip.

Miking up again.

The v10 engine.

Miked and ready to go.

The Aston waits.

The Aston by the hangar, with plane overhead.

That muscular v12 engine.

The Aston?s exhaust.

Sound engineer?s headphones with car in the background. Time to pack down.

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